A Constellation Of Vital Phenomena

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Author: Anthony Marra
Publisher: Hogarth
ISBN: 0770436412
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A Constellation Of Vital Phenomena by Anthony Marra

Original Title: A Constellation Of Vital Phenomena

New York Times Notable Book of the Year * Washington Post Top Ten Book of the Year In a small rural village in Chechnya, eight-year-old Havaa watches from the woods as Russian soldiers abduct her father in the middle of the night and then set fire to her home. When their lifelong neighbor Akhmed finds Havaa hiding in the forest with a strange blue suitcase, he makes a decision that will forever change their lives. He will seek refuge at the abandoned hospital where the sole remaining doctor, Sonja Rabina, treats the wounded. For Sonja, the arrival of Akhmed and Havaa is an unwelcome surprise. Weary and overburdened, she has no desire to take on additional risk and responsibility. But over the course of five extraordinary days, Sonja’s world will shift on its axis and reveal the intricate pattern of connections that weaves together the pasts of these three unlikely companions and unexpectedly decides their fate. A story of the transcendent power of love in wartime, A Constellation of Vital Phenomena is a work of sweeping breadth, profound compassion, and lasting significance. Now with Extra Libris material, including a reader’s guide and bonus content from the author.

Green On Blue

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Author: Elliot Ackerman
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1476778574
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Green On Blue by Elliot Ackerman

Original Title: Green On Blue

“A compassionate, provocative, and alive” (Vogue.com) war story about a young Afghan orphan, “Green on Blue is harrowing, brutal, and utterly absorbing. With spare prose, Ackerman has spun a morally complex tale of revenge, loyalty, and brotherly love” (Khaled Hosseini, author of The Kite Runner). Aziz and his older brother Ali are coming of age in a village amid the pine forests and endless mountains of eastern Afghanistan. They are poor, but inside their mud-walled home, the family has stability, love, and routine. One day a convoy of armed men arrives in their village and their world crumbles. The boys survive and make their way to a small city, where they gradually begin to piece together their lives. But when US forces invade the country, militants strike back. A bomb explodes in the market, and Ali is brutally injured. To save his brother, Aziz must join the Special Lashkar, a US-funded militia. As he rises through the ranks, Aziz becomes mired in the dark underpinnings of his country’s war, witnessing clashes between rival Afghan groups—what US soldiers call “green on green” attacks—and those on US forces by Afghan soldiers, violence known as “green on blue.” Trapped in a conflict both savage and contrived, Aziz struggles to understand his place. Will he embrace the brutality of war or leave it behind, and risk placing his brother—and a young woman he has come to love—in jeopardy? Green on Blue has broken new ground in the literature of our most recent wars, accomplishing an astonishing feat of empathy and imagination. Writing from the Afghan perspective, “Elliot Ackerman has done something brave as a writer and even braver as a soldier: He has touched, for real, the culture and soul of his enemy” (The New York Times Book Review).

The Tsar Of Love And Techno

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Author: Anthony Marra
Publisher: Hogarth
ISBN: 0770436447
Size: 76.36 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Tsar Of Love And Techno by Anthony Marra

Original Title: The Tsar Of Love And Techno

From the New York Times bestselling author of A Constellation of Vital Phenomena—dazzling, poignant, and lyrical interwoven stories about family, sacrifice, the legacy of war, and the redemptive power of art. This stunning, exquisitely written collection introduces a cast of remarkable characters whose lives intersect in ways both life-affirming and heartbreaking. A 1930s Soviet censor painstakingly corrects offending photographs, deep underneath Leningrad, bewitched by the image of a disgraced prima ballerina. A chorus of women recount their stories and those of their grandmothers, former gulag prisoners who settled their Siberian mining town. Two pairs of brothers share a fierce, protective love. Young men across the former USSR face violence at home and in the military. And great sacrifices are made in the name of an oil landscape unremarkable except for the almost incomprehensibly peaceful past it depicts. In stunning prose, with rich character portraits and a sense of history reverberating into the present, The Tsar of Love and Techno is a captivating work from one of our greatest new talents.

Chase S Calendar Of Events 2015

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Author: Editors of Chase's Calendar of Events
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 0071835458
Size: 49.41 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Chase S Calendar Of Events 2015 by Editors of Chase's Calendar of Events

Original Title: Chase S Calendar Of Events 2015

12,500 entries. 196 countries. 365 days. Find out what's going on any day of the year, anywhere across the globe! If you're looking to tie a promotional event to a special month, travel to a music festival halfway around the world, blog about a historical milestone or do a celebrity birthday round-up on your radio show or Twitterfeed, Chase's Calendar of Events is the one resource that has it all. For broadcasters, journalists, event planners, public relations professionals, librarians, editors, writers or simply the curious, this is one reference you can't do without! Chase's Calendar of Events 2015 brings you: Major sporting events such as the FIFA Women's World Cup (June 6), the Pan American Games (July 10) and the 48th Transpacific Yacht Race (July 13). Milestones such as the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, 200th anniversary of Waterloo, 150th anniversary of Lincoln's assassination, 75th anniversary of Dunkirk and the Battle of Britain, 150th birth anniversary of poet W.B. Yeats and much more. New birthday entries for newsmakers like the new king of Spain, Felipe VI of Bourbon and Greece (Jan 30), or political activist Nadezhda Tolokonnikova (Nov 7); sports stars such as Meryl Davis (Jan 1) and Johnny Manziel (Dec 6); and entertainers Lupita Nyong'o (Mar 1), Chiwetel Ejiofor (July 10), Jamie Dornan (May 1), Dakota Johnson (Oct 4), Lorde (Nov 7) and Macklemore (June 19). New special days such as Take Your Poet to Work Day (July 15), National Black Women in Jazz and the Arts Day (Mar 1), National Biscotti Day (Sept 29), Runner's Selfie Day (June 23), No Selfies Day (Mar 16) and many more. New! Get exclusive access to the Chase's Calendar of Events companion website with: What's on Today? All the holidays, events, anniversaries, celebrity birthdays, and so on for the current day Advanced Search: customize your search--date ranges, location, key word, category, attendance--however you want! Unique Festivals of the World: a new, interactive map of the world--click on a country and discover its major festivals Tabbed pages for Major Awards, About the Holidays, Spotlight for 2015, Glossary of Calendar Terms and Special Months For information on the url and password of the companion website, please see details inside the book.

The Small Backs Of Children

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Author: Lidia Yuknavitch
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062383264
Size: 17.22 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The Small Backs Of Children by Lidia Yuknavitch

Original Title: The Small Backs Of Children

National Bestseller A masterful literary talent explores the treacherous, often violent borders between war and sex, love and art. With the flash of a camera, one girl’s life is shattered, and a host of others altered forever. . . In a war-torn village in Eastern Europe, an American photographer captures a heart-stopping image: a young girl flying toward the lens, fleeing a fiery explosion that has engulfed her home and family. The image wins acclaim and prizes, becoming an icon for millions—and a subject of obsession for one writer, the photographer’s best friend, who has suffered a devastating tragedy of her own. As the writer plunges into a suicidal depression, her filmmaker husband enlists several friends, including a fearless bisexual poet and an ingenuous performance artist, to save her by rescuing the unknown girl and bringing her to the United States. And yet, as their plot unfolds, everything we know about the story comes into question: What does the writer really want? Who is controlling the action? And what will happen when these two worlds—east and west, real and virtual—collide? A fierce, provocative, and deeply affecting novel of both ideas and action that blends the tight construction of Julian Barnes’s The Sense of an Ending with the emotional power of Anthony Marra’s A Constellation of Vital Phenomena, Lidia Yuknavitch’s The Small Backs of Children is a major step forward from one of our most avidly watched writers.

Buzz Books 2014 Spring Summer

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Publisher: Publishers Lunch
ISBN: 0989321312
Size: 51.65 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Buzz Books 2014 Spring Summer by

Original Title: Buzz Books 2014 Spring Summer

There’s nothing like the excitement of being one of the first people to discover a great new read. Now in its fourth edition, Buzz Books has proven itself as the place where book publishing insiders and passionate book lovers alike can get their first taste of some of the year’s most extraordinary new books. The overwhelming majority of our selections go on to win awards and appear on booksellers’ monthly lists of “best books” as well as “best books of the year” from many sources—while topping bestseller lists and reading group selections as well. Some people think of the spring and summer publishing seasons as a quieter time, but last year’s Buzz Books collection provided early looks at such books as Philipp Meyer’s The Son, Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life, and Anthony Marra’s debut A Constellation of Vital Phenomena, all hailed as among the year’s very best novels. Inside the book business, this volume also coincides with one of the most important industry events, the American Booksellers Association’s “Winter Institute.” This is an annual gathering of 500 independent booksellers, now a major launch pad for the spring and summer seasons, where dozens of authors—including ten of those whose work is included here—sign pre-publication galleys and discuss their forthcoming books informally with bookstore owners. Instead of keeping that industry “buzz” closed off in the room with that small group of lucky booksellers, we’re giving everyone the same kind of access to checking out the newest voices the publishing industry is building for the next season. Samples of novelists you may already know and love include new books from British authors Jojo Moyes (One Plus One) and Edward St. Aubyn (Lost for Words), alongside bestselling writers Robyn Carr (Four Friends) and Greg Iles, now with a new publisher for his latest thriller Natchez Burning. We preview Giller Prize winner Joseph Boyden’s The Orenda, already lavishly honored in Canada, plus praised novelists Jean Kwok (known for Girl in Translation) and Maggie Shipstead (author of Seating Arrangements) return with their anticipated second novels. This edition’s collection of highly-anticipated debuts includes everything from screenwriter Laline Paull’s The Bees and Marie-Helene Bertino’s 2 A.M. at The Cat’s Pajamas to a posthumous roman-à-clef from magazine journalist Michael Hastings to bestselling narrative nonfiction author of Burning Down the House (the basis for the movie The Social Network) Ben Mezrich’s Seven Wonders. Our selection of nonfiction is modest in quantity but broad in range, from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone to author of bestselling Nickel and Dimed Barbara Ehrenreich’s memoir. We also include memoir with recipes (from Leah Eskin) and in letters (from Nina Stibbe), plus the latest from bestselling science journalist Sam Kean. Our biggest-ever section of young adult literature mirrors the growing popularity of these works among readers young and not-so-young. Sally Green’s Half Bad is already an international publishing sensation ahead of its release, with sales in dozens of territories. We sample new works from well-known authors such as Ann Brashares and Lemony Snicket alongside Twilight: New Moon director Chris Weitz’s The Young World—the first in a new series—and Scholastic editor Amanda Maciel’s Tease. There is something here for every reader’s taste, and the selections are roughly organized by genre and then publication date. For a broader picture of new books on the horizon, fill your to-be-read lists with the extensive preview of the publishing seasons that starts off Buzz Books. We love providing these exciting excerpts ahead of publication, and you can share this free ebook with friends and spread your enthusiasm for any of these selections online. Buzz Books can be downloaded for free from any major ebookstore, and we have included direct links to pre-order the full book after each excerpt.

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