Apache Hive Essentials

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Author: Dayong Du
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1782175059
Size: 43.40 MB
Format: PDF
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Apache Hive Essentials by Dayong Du

Original Title: Apache Hive Essentials

If you are a data analyst, developer, or simply someone who wants to use Hive to explore and analyze data in Hadoop, this is the book for you. Whether you are new to big data or an expert, with this book, you will be able to master both the basic and the advanced features of Hive. Since Hive is an SQL-like language, some previous experience with the SQL language and databases is useful to have a better understanding of this book.

Instant Apache Hive Essentials How To

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Author: Darren Lee
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1782169482
Size: 12.52 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Instant Apache Hive Essentials How To by Darren Lee

Original Title: Instant Apache Hive Essentials How To

Filled with practical, step-by-step instructions and clear explanations for the most important and useful tasks.This book provides quick recipes for using Hive to read data in various formats, efficiently querying this data, and extending Hive with any custom functions you may need to insert your own logic into the data pipeline.This book is written for data analysts and developers who want to use their current knowledge of SQL to be more productive with Hadoop. It assumes that readers are comfortable writing SQL queries and are familiar with Hadoop at the level of the classic WordCount example.

Apache Hive Cookbook

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Author: Hanish Bansal
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1782161090
Size: 11.89 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 1270

Apache Hive Cookbook by Hanish Bansal

Original Title: Apache Hive Cookbook

Easy, hands-on recipes to help you understand Hive and its integration with frameworks that are used widely in today's big data world About This Book Grasp a complete reference of different Hive topics. Get to know the latest recipes in development in Hive including CRUD operations Understand Hive internals and integration of Hive with different frameworks used in today's world. Who This Book Is For The book is intended for those who want to start in Hive or who have basic understanding of Hive framework. Prior knowledge of basic SQL command is also required What You Will Learn Learn different features and offering on the latest Hive Understand the working and structure of the Hive internals Get an insight on the latest development in Hive framework Grasp the concepts of Hive Data Model Master the key concepts like Partition, Buckets and Statistics Know how to integrate Hive with other frameworks such as Spark, Accumulo, etc In Detail Hive was developed by Facebook and later open sourced in Apache community. Hive provides SQL like interface to run queries on Big Data frameworks. Hive provides SQL like syntax also called as HiveQL that includes all SQL capabilities like analytical functions which are the need of the hour in today's Big Data world. This book provides you easy installation steps with different types of metastores supported by Hive. This book has simple and easy to learn recipes for configuring Hive clients and services. You would also learn different Hive optimizations including Partitions and Bucketing. The book also covers the source code explanation of latest Hive version. Hive Query Language is being used by other frameworks including spark. Towards the end you will cover integration of Hive with these frameworks. Style and approach Starting with the basics and covering the core concepts with the practical usage, this book is a complete guide to learn and explore Hive offerings.

Apache Zookeeper Essentials

Download Read Online Apache Zookeeper Essentials book
Author: Saurav Haloi
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1784398322
Size: 74.99 MB
Format: PDF
View: 361

Apache Zookeeper Essentials by Saurav Haloi

Original Title: Apache Zookeeper Essentials

Whether you are a novice to ZooKeeper or already have some experience, you will be able to master the concepts of ZooKeeper and its usage with ease. This book assumes you to have some prior knowledge of distributed systems and high-level programming knowledge of C, Java, or Python, but no experience with Apache ZooKeeper is required.

Hdinsight Essentials Second Edition

Download Read Online Hdinsight Essentials Second Edition book
Author: Rajesh Nadipalli
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1784396664
Size: 37.83 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
View: 4440

Hdinsight Essentials Second Edition by Rajesh Nadipalli

Original Title: Hdinsight Essentials Second Edition

If you want to discover one of the latest tools designed to produce stunning Big Data insights, this book features everything you need to get to grips with your data. Whether you are a data architect, developer, or a business strategist, HDInsight adds value in everything from development, administration, and reporting.

Yarn Essentials

Download Read Online Yarn Essentials book
Author: Amol Fasale
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1784397725
Size: 31.73 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 881

Yarn Essentials by Amol Fasale

Original Title: Yarn Essentials

If you have a working knowledge of Hadoop 1.x but want to start afresh with YARN, this book is ideal for you. You will be able to install and administer a YARN cluster and also discover the configuration settings to fine-tune your cluster both in terms of performance and scalability. This book will help you develop, deploy, and run multiple applications/frameworks on the same shared YARN cluster.

Hadoop Essentials

Download Read Online Hadoop Essentials book
Author: Shiva Achari
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1784390461
Size: 40.82 MB
Format: PDF
View: 676

Hadoop Essentials by Shiva Achari

Original Title: Hadoop Essentials

If you are a system or application developer interested in learning how to solve practical problems using the Hadoop framework, then this book is ideal for you. This book is also meant for Hadoop professionals who want to find solutions to the different challenges they come across in their Hadoop projects.

Apache Oozie Essentials

Download Read Online Apache Oozie Essentials book
Author: Jagat Jasjit Singh
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1785888463
Size: 59.78 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 1829

Apache Oozie Essentials by Jagat Jasjit Singh

Original Title: Apache Oozie Essentials

Unleash the power of Apache Oozie to create and manage your big data and machine learning pipelines in one go About This Book Teaches you everything you need to know to get started with Apache Oozie from scratch and manage your data pipelines effortlessly Learn to write data ingestion workflows with the help of real-life examples from the author's own personal experience Embed Spark jobs to run your machine learning models on top of Hadoop Who This Book Is For If you are an expert Hadoop user who wants to use Apache Oozie to handle workflows efficiently, this book is for you. This book will be handy to anyone who is familiar with the basics of Hadoop and wants to automate data and machine learning pipelines. What You Will Learn Install and configure Oozie from source code on your Hadoop cluster Dive into the world of Oozie with Java MapReduce jobs Schedule Hive ETL and data ingestion jobs Import data from a database through Sqoop jobs in HDFS Create and process data pipelines with Pig, hive scripts as per business requirements. Run machine learning Spark jobs on Hadoop Create quick Oozie jobs using Hue Make the most of Oozie's security capabilities by configuring Oozie's security In Detail As more and more organizations are discovering the use of big data analytics, interest in platforms that provide storage, computation, and analytic capabilities is booming exponentially. This calls for data management. Hadoop caters to this need. Oozie fulfils this necessity for a scheduler for a Hadoop job by acting as a cron to better analyze data. Apache Oozie Essentials starts off with the basics right from installing and configuring Oozie from source code on your Hadoop cluster to managing your complex clusters. You will learn how to create data ingestion and machine learning workflows. This book is sprinkled with the examples and exercises to help you take your big data learning to the next level. You will discover how to write workflows to run your MapReduce, Pig ,Hive, and Sqoop scripts and schedule them to run at a specific time or for a specific business requirement using a coordinator. This book has engaging real-life exercises and examples to get you in the thick of things. Lastly, you'll get a grip of how to embed Spark jobs, which can be used to run your machine learning models on Hadoop. By the end of the book, you will have a good knowledge of Apache Oozie. You will be capable of using Oozie to handle large Hadoop workflows and even improve the availability of your Hadoop environment. Style and approach This book is a hands-on guide that explains Oozie using real-world examples. Each chapter is blended beautifully with fundamental concepts sprinkled in-between case study solution algorithms and topped off with self-learning exercises.

Hadoop 2 Quick Start Guide

Download Read Online Hadoop 2 Quick Start Guide book
Author: Douglas Eadline
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
ISBN: 0134049993
Size: 17.51 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 4077

Hadoop 2 Quick Start Guide by Douglas Eadline

Original Title: Hadoop 2 Quick Start Guide

Get Started Fast with Apache Hadoop® 2, YARN, and Today’s Hadoop Ecosystem With Hadoop 2.x and YARN, Hadoop moves beyond MapReduce to become practical for virtually any type of data processing. Hadoop 2.x and the Data Lake concept represent a radical shift away from conventional approaches to data usage and storage. Hadoop 2.x installations offer unmatched scalability and breakthrough extensibility that supports new and existing Big Data analytics processing methods and models. Hadoop® 2 Quick-Start Guide is the first easy, accessible guide to Apache Hadoop 2.x, YARN, and the modern Hadoop ecosystem. Building on his unsurpassed experience teaching Hadoop and Big Data, author Douglas Eadline covers all the basics you need to know to install and use Hadoop 2 on personal computers or servers, and to navigate the powerful technologies that complement it. Eadline concisely introduces and explains every key Hadoop 2 concept, tool, and service, illustrating each with a simple “beginning-to-end” example and identifying trustworthy, up-to-date resources for learning more. This guide is ideal if you want to learn about Hadoop 2 without getting mired in technical details. Douglas Eadline will bring you up to speed quickly, whether you’re a user, admin, devops specialist, programmer, architect, analyst, or data scientist. Coverage Includes Understanding what Hadoop 2 and YARN do, and how they improve on Hadoop 1 with MapReduce Understanding Hadoop-based Data Lakes versus RDBMS Data Warehouses Installing Hadoop 2 and core services on Linux machines, virtualized sandboxes, or clusters Exploring the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) Understanding the essentials of MapReduce and YARN application programming Simplifying programming and data movement with Apache Pig, Hive, Sqoop, Flume, Oozie, and HBase Observing application progress, controlling jobs, and managing workflows Managing Hadoop efficiently with Apache Ambari–including recipes for HDFS to NFSv3 gateway, HDFS snapshots, and YARN configuration Learning basic Hadoop 2 troubleshooting, and installing Apache Hue and Apache Spark

Hadoop For Finance Essentials

Download Read Online Hadoop For Finance Essentials book
Author: Rajiv Tiwari
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 178439632X
Size: 80.41 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 576

Hadoop For Finance Essentials by Rajiv Tiwari

Original Title: Hadoop For Finance Essentials

This book is perfect for developers, analysts, architects or managers who would like to perform big data analytics with Hadoop for the financial sector. This book is also helpful for technology professionals from other industry sectors who have recently switched or like to switch their business domain to financial sector. Familiarity with big data, Java programming, database and data warehouse, and business intelligence would be beneficial.

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