Big Sur

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Author: Jeff Norman
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 9780738529134
Size: 54.66 MB
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Big Sur by Jeff Norman

Original Title: Big Sur

Big Sur is a river and a region on California's Central Coast. Extending for 75 miles along the Pacific shore, from south of Carmel to north of San Simeon, the Big Sur Coast is defined by the backdrop of the rugged Santa Lucia Mountains as they abruptly descend to meet the sea. For millennia the home of native people, Americans and Europeans began to settle Big Sur country even before California became a state. This book combines outstanding photographs from 40 collections, ranging from family albums to institutional archives.

Big Sur Tales

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Author: Robert Cross
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1456711490
Size: 40.72 MB
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Big Sur Tales by Robert Cross

Original Title: Big Sur Tales

Big Sur's scenic grandeur and formidable landscapes have inspired countless artists and writers to capture the essence of Big Sur's magic. Early pioneers struggled to carve out their meager farms and ranchos, a few ships plied the treacherous rocky coastline, some losing their precious cargos at night to vicious storms, gold miners worked the ghost town of Manchester, while loggers stripped tanbark, giant redwoods were harvested, and ranchers exported grizzly bears by boats, and more recently thousands of hippies tried out their culture on the fragile environment. Those who survived it all inspired this book of tales.

The Photographer S Guide To The Big Sur Coast

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Author: Don Smith
Publisher: BookBaby
ISBN: 1617927937
Size: 72.23 MB
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The Photographer S Guide To The Big Sur Coast by Don Smith

Original Title: The Photographer S Guide To The Big Sur Coast

California's Big Sur coastline is a 90-mile stretch residing between Carmel and Cambria and accessed via coastal Highway 1. Though breathtaking in beauty, it can seem overwhelming to even the most seasoned photographer. This book provides GPS coordinates, images, and descriptions to 44 of the author's favorite photographic locations and best times of day to photograph. Don Smith has been a life-long central California resident and has spent years exploring and photographing this indelible coastline. As a full-time professional landscape and sports photographer, Don has built a reputation and following amongst numerous serious landscape photographers. If you wish to spend more time photographing and less time searching for locations along the Big Sur coast, then this is the book for you. Moreover, if you are someone just wishing to explore the beauty of Big Sur, then the images in this book will provide a wonderful sense of how incredible this coastline is.

Big Sur

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Author: Jack Kerouac
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141972033
Size: 13.99 MB
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Big Sur by Jack Kerouac

Original Title: Big Sur

In 1960 Jack Kerouac was near breaking point. Driven mad by constant press attention in the wake of the publication of On the Road, he needed to 'get away to solitude again or die', so he withdrew to a cabin in Big Sur on the Californian coast. The resulting novel, in which his autobiographical hero Jack Duluoz wrestles with doubt, alcohol dependency and his urge towards self-destruction, is one of Kerouac's most personal and searingly honest works. Ending with the poem 'Sea: Sounds of the Pacific Ocean at Big Sur', it shows a man coming down from his hedonistic youth and trying to come to terms with fame, the world and himself.

Richard Brautigan S A Confederate General From Big Sur Dreaming Of Babylon And The Hawkline Monster

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Author: Richard Brautigan
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 9780395547038
Size: 80.58 MB
Format: PDF
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Richard Brautigan S A Confederate General From Big Sur Dreaming Of Babylon And The Hawkline Monster by Richard Brautigan

Original Title: Richard Brautigan S A Confederate General From Big Sur Dreaming Of Babylon And The Hawkline Monster

Richard Brautigan was the author of ten novels, including a contemporary classic, Trout Fishing in America, nine volumes of poetry, and a collection of stories.Here are three Brautigan novels--A Confederate General from B ig Sir, Dreaming of Babylon and The Hawkline Monster--reissues in a one-volume omnibus edition.

Big Sur

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Author: Shelley Alden Brooks
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520967542
Size: 11.41 MB
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Big Sur by Shelley Alden Brooks

Original Title: Big Sur

Big Sur embodies much of what has defined California since the mid-twentieth century. A remote, inaccessible, and undeveloped pastoral landscape until 1937, Big Sur quickly became a cultural symbol of California and the West, as well as a home to the ultrawealthy. This transformation was due in part to writers and artists such as Robinson Jeffers and Ansel Adams, who created an enduring mystique for this coastline. But Big Sur’s prized coastline is also the product of the pioneering efforts of residents and Monterey County officials who forged a collaborative public/private preservation model for Big Sur that foreshadowed the shape of California coastal preservation in the twenty-first century. Big Sur’s well-preserved vistas and high-end real estate situate this coastline between American ideals of development and the wild. It is a space that challenges the way most Americans think of nature, of people’s relationship to nature, and of what in fact makes a place “wild.” This book highlights today’s intricate and ambiguous intersections of class, the environment, and economic development through the lens of an iconic California landscape.

The Natural History Of Big Sur

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Author: Paul Henson
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520205109
Size: 25.40 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Natural History Of Big Sur by Paul Henson

Original Title: The Natural History Of Big Sur

Each year millions of people visit the area of rugged California coastline and wild mountains known as Big Sur. Finally here is a book that is both a natural history of this beautiful region and an excellent guide to its extensive public lands. The first section introduces the area's geology, climate, flora, fauna, and human history. The second section describes selected sites, trails, and features that are mentioned in Part One. Although Big Sur is world famous for awe-inspiring scenery, it is less known for its great ecological diversity and its significance as a haven for many species of terrestrial and marine wildlife. In no other part of the world do fog-loving coastal redwoods thrive on one slope of a canyon while arid-climate yuccas grow on the other. Similarly, sea otters and cormorants live near dry-climate creatures like canyon wrens and whiptail lizards. The area's staggering beauty and forbidding wilderness have inspired artists, poets, naturalists, and hikers--and also real estate developers. As increasing tourism, development pressure, and land-use decisions continue to affect Big Sur, this book will do much to heighten awareness of the region's biotic richness and fragility. Written in nontechnical language, with generous color photographs, drawings, maps, species lists, and a bibliography, it will attract both the casual and the serious naturalist, as well as anyone concerned about preserving California's natural heritage.

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