Mermaid A Memoir Of Resilience

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Author: Eileen Cronin
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393242730
Size: 47.96 MB
Format: PDF
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Mermaid A Memoir Of Resilience by Eileen Cronin

Original Title: Mermaid A Memoir Of Resilience

“Extraordinarily courageous; [Cronin] chronicles her journey to fit in and thrive with bravery and wit.”—O, The Oprah Magazine At the age of three, Eileen Cronin first realized that only she did not have legs. Her boisterous Catholic family accepted her situation as “God’s will,” treating her no differently than her ten siblings, as she “squiddled” through their 1960s Cincinnati home. But starting school, even wearing prosthetics, Cronin had to brave bullying and embarrassing questions. Thanks to her older brother’s coaching, she handled a classmate’s playground taunts with a smack from her lunchbox. As a teen, thrilled when boys asked her out, she was confused about what sexuality meant for her. She felt most comfortable and happiest relaxing and skinny dipping with her girlfriends, imagining herself “an elusive mermaid.” The cause of her disability remained taboo, however, even as she looked toward the future and the possibility of her own family. In later years, as her mother battled mental illness and denied having taken the drug thalidomide—known to cause birth defects—Cronin felt apart from her family. After the death of a close brother, she turned to alcohol. Eventually, however, she found the strength to set out on her own, volunteering at hospitals and earning a PhD in clinical psychology. Reflecting with humor and grace on her youth, search for love, and quest for answers, Cronin spins a shimmering story of self-discovery and transformation.

La Nina Que Se Creia Sirena

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Author: Eileen Cronin
Publisher: Planeta Publishing
ISBN: 9786070724909
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La Nina Que Se Creia Sirena by Eileen Cronin

Original Title: La Nina Que Se Creia Sirena

Eileen descubre desde muy pequeña que su vida no será igual a la de los demás: a los tres años cobra conciencia de que ha nacido sin piernas. A partir de ese momento comienza a construir su propia visión del mundo, a hurtadillas, con temor y desconcierto. Al paso de los años sus circunstancias no mejoran. Además de lidiar con episodios de bullying, la incomprensión de sus amigos y una rigurosa educación católica en casa, Eileen ve cómo su madre se pierde en arrebatos psicóticos y su padre, insondable, lo hace en su silencio. Es la década de los sesenta y la sociedad se escandaliza con las nuevas ideas sobre la sexualidad, las relaciones, los núcleos familiares y la convivencia con el otro. En medio de ese escenario Eileen emprende un camino para conocerse a sí misma y vencer los tabúes de la discapacidad mientras reflexiona con humor sobre su juventud y la búsqueda del amor. La autobiografía de Eileen Cronin saca a la luz las cualidades que todos necesitamos para vivir honestamente en este mundo. Jane Brox, autora de Brilliant: The Evolution of Artificial Light

Education Policy And Evaluation

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Author: Louise K. Comfort
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 1483153541
Size: 63.94 MB
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Education Policy And Evaluation by Louise K. Comfort

Original Title: Education Policy And Evaluation

Education Policy and Evaluation: A Context for Change offers one perspective in defining the problems of public policy in education and some suggestions for redirection. Based on research conducted at five major school districts in California, this book reveals children's expectations for public education, as well as the performance of public schools and their vision for the future. The areas of strength and weakness in educational policy are discussed, along with the needs for revision in educational policy and performance. Comprised of seven chapters, this book begins with an assessment of serious failure in public education, citing the proliferation of programs, personnel and administrative structures in public education without adequate design, coordination, implementation, evaluation, or adaptation to meet basic educational needs or to solve the complex problems implicit in the delivery of public educational services. Subsequent chapters focus on the concept of social innovation and the role of the federal government as an agent of educational change; the tension between structure and process in educational policy; the problem of specification in the implementation of educational policy; and evaluation as an instrument for educational change. This monograph will be of interest to students, parents, educators, community leaders, legislators, scholars, school administrators, and educational policymakers.

Heat Wave

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Author: Eileen Spinelli
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 9780547564296
Size: 80.61 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Heat Wave by Eileen Spinelli

Original Title: Heat Wave

The mercury is climbing in Lumberville, and the folks are doing everything they can to keep cool. Officer McGinnis spends the day in a cold bath, Lottie Mims does her housework in her bathing suit, and Abigail and Ralphie Blue sell ice cubes. When the temperature refuses to relent, the entire community seeks solace by the river--where everyone dreams of cool relief. A cast of quirky characters and lots of playful details from two celebrated picture-book talents make this heat wave look like fun!

Falling Into Grace The Fiction Of Andrew Greeley

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Author: R. W. Carstens
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9780595610938
Size: 23.65 MB
Format: PDF
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Falling Into Grace The Fiction Of Andrew Greeley by R. W. Carstens

Original Title: Falling Into Grace The Fiction Of Andrew Greeley

Falling into Grace is a study of Andrew Greeley's fiction and the message behind his words, revealing many timeless political and theological ideas. Professor R.W. Carstens shares the findings of his deep exploration into Greeley's novels as evidence of a set of ancient values and key political ideas that are needed today more than ever. As a great storyteller, Greeley's message is significant-that grace sustains us, unites us, comforts us, and sometimes overwhelms us, but it is also evidence of our freedom. Carstens' careful examination into the deeper meaning behind the stories demonstrates that Greeley's characters and the world in which they live portray life as acts of faith, hope, and love, and prove that God is alive and well in the hearts of many in the world. As Carstens discusses Greeley's imagination and his political and theological concepts, he develops his own theories about how these ideas can be applied in today's world by creating freedom, limiting authority, and building communities where people are united by common goals. In the end, Carstens' study demonstrates that Greeley's fiction shows us a way to go home -- -to the images that appeal to the best in us, and therefore tell us what might be.

The Rackets

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Author: Thomas Kelly
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1453247343
Size: 77.44 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Rackets by Thomas Kelly

Original Title: The Rackets

Fired from the mayor’s office, a political flack ends up in his old neighborhood, with a newly dangerous mission Jimmy Dolan should have known better than to shove Frankie Keefe. Keefe may be scum—a corrupt teamster president who’s looking forward to crushing Jimmy’s father in the next union election—but Jimmy is the mayor’s right hand man, and kowtowing to scum is his job. After hearing one too many cracks about his father, Jimmy shoves the union boss onto the floor, in full view of some of the city’s most powerful people. In a flash, Jimmy’s career is finished. He returns to Inwood, in the wilds of north Manhattan, to pick up the pieces. But when his father is murdered, Jimmy takes up the old man’s campaign against Frankie Keefe. It may be suicide, but he’s got nothing else to lose. After years in City Hall, Jimmy Dolan is about to learn how ugly New York politics can get.

Open To Outcome

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Author: Micah Jacobson
Publisher: Wood 'N' Barnes Publishing
ISBN: 9781885473592
Size: 25.87 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Open To Outcome by Micah Jacobson

Original Title: Open To Outcome

Combining more than 30 years of facilitating, training and teaching experience, the authors use field-tested approaches to create a group reflection experience that maximizes engagment, participation and, most importantly, learning.The 5 Question Model takes the essential elements of classic learning cycles debriefing and presents them in such a way that they can be quickly understood, used and taught to a wide variety of skill levels.

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