Just For One Day

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Author: Louise Wener
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1446407926
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Just For One Day by Louise Wener

Original Title: Just For One Day

Just For One Day takes you on Louise Wener's musical odyssey from awkward 80s suburban pop geek to 90s jet-set Britpop goddess. Of course, once she's living the dream at the height of Britpop's glory, things aren't quite how they appeared from the other side. With her band Sleeper, Louise goes from doing gigs in toilets to gigs in stadiums, and on to the big interviews, constant touring and endless excess via Top of the Pops. These are the hilarious adventures of a girl's journey through Britpop, from the embarrassments of growing up to trying to remember what on earth it was you really wanted while eating Twiglets backstage and enviously eyeing up Damon Albarn's plate of foreign cheeses. PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED AS DIFFERENT FOR GIRLS

It S Different For Girls

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Author: Jo Brand
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0755376021
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It S Different For Girls by Jo Brand

Original Title: It S Different For Girls

A wonderfully funny and poignant novel about growing up in the seventies, teenage angst, growing pains and first love. Rachel and Susan do not like to be beside the seaside. Hastings is so uncool. Plunging headfirst into the choppy waters of adolescence, they are determined to survive their teens by sticking together. It’s a rollercoaster ride of nutty parents, randy language students, stoned hippies, all-night parties on the pier, and an amusement arcade of emotional neediness.

It S Different For Daughters

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Author: Ruth Fry
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It S Different For Daughters by Ruth Fry

Original Title: It S Different For Daughters

This book examines the evolution in the education of New Zealand women from 1900 through 1975. Early in the century, differences in boys' and girls' schooling were more visible on the secondary than the elementary level. At the same time, a government report concluded that many parents felt girls needed little more than half the education of boys. Textbooks reflected a perception of the inferior position of women in society. There was special instruction for boys in woodworking, but the girls learned "home science." Literature for girls was chosen for its moral content. Because girls were given little instruction in mathematics and science, there were few women available to teach the subjects. Boys learned about agriculture, while girls learned domestic skills. Physical training was viewed as unladylike, while the arts, particularly singing, were encouraged. Popular attitudes encouraged women to stay at home. Experts blamed education for poor health among women. By mid-century, the government removed many vocational restrictions on women. The world wars had put more women in the workplace. Separate schools were maintained for the Maori, but the students were barred from speaking their native language. Educators sought to make Maori girls good farm wives. There are still differences in the ways schools teach boys and girls. Future planning must account for the fact that women will continue to seek work outside the home. Contains 94 references. (SG).

It S Different For Girls

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Author: Merle Phillips
ISBN: 9781481964227
Size: 52.43 MB
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It S Different For Girls by Merle Phillips

Original Title: It S Different For Girls

"It's Different For Girls", is the true story about one of England's 'rare' 1960's all female rock groups, 'The Girlfriends'. Written by two of its members, Merle Phillips and Margaret Brown, along with the added shared memories of their band mates, it recounts in fine detail, what it was like to be young teenage girl musicians working in, what was then, predominantly, a man's world. This band was one of only a handful of such all-girl vocal/instrumental groups in Britain during that decade.The girls experienced sexism, male chauvinism and sexual harassment, on a scale that would be unthinkable and unlawful in today's world, but endured and faced it with stoicism and humour. They wanted to work in the music business and dispel society's, then current and misguided notion, that women were not and could never be real rock musicians. They didn't believe that they were destined to get a 'normal' job, get married and have children in their late teens or early twenties, as was the norm for girls back then. Maybe this was how it was for their parents, but now it was the swinging sixties and they were part of the new, freethinking and free-living generation. These girls were singing along to a different tune to their forefathers. Music had progressed from dance-bands and skiffle groups. Now everyone danced to groups playing pop and rock music on their electric guitars and drums. Why shouldn't girls start up their own pop groups? There were plenty of gigs around and money to be earned. Not content with being members of the audience, they decided that they would play and sing the songs themselves. Why? Their answer was, "Because it's different for girls!"This choice led to them experiencing the highs and lows and laughter and tears, of being young females in a male domain. It sent them on a journey around Great Britain and Germany, touring and playing to American troops and airmen who were stationed in the numerous US military bases, and where hunger, romance and drama became their travelling companions. They were young, teenage girls amongst thousands of young GIs, playing their music and doing their best to encourage the soldiers to keep up their spirits. All this was carried out against a background of the war raging in Vietnam and the constant threat of them being sent to fight there, in what the young men described as a "dirty war".With little money, the lodgings they endured are remembered and described from their typically humorous perspective There is a vivid and witty descriptive account of what it was like to record, what has now become a 'cult' album, in a seedy German recording studio.This book also portrays what life was like performing within our own shores, particularly around the northern club scene. It took guts and a strong sense of humour to make the choice to follow this trail-blazing path, and that same jocularity, which they adopted back then, prevails throughout their account. Numerous photographs accompany this work.First hand observations of life and social conditions in the 1950's and 1960's, leading up to their career choice, provide the reader with the truth about the 'good old days'. They've worked alongside both the famous and the unknowns in their adventures. The authors finish the book with an update, describing how the friendship that was made between them and their fellow band mates has endured for nearly fifty years, how they can still draw the crowds when performing together and how they eventually gained the respect of their male counterparts and silenced the critics.Many relevant photographs accompany this literary work. The book is peppered with numerous and appropriate 1950's and 1960's song titles, relevant to each adventure and event, reflecting the strong musical influence which dominated their lives and career choice, and which encouraged them to 'live the dream'.

Why Boys And Girls Are Different For Girls Ages 3 5

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Author: Carol Greene
ISBN: 9780758649522
Size: 73.13 MB
Format: PDF
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Why Boys And Girls Are Different For Girls Ages 3 5 by Carol Greene

Original Title: Why Boys And Girls Are Different For Girls Ages 3 5

This book, the first in the newly revised Learning About Sex series for girls, will guide you in the often difficult task of introducing and explaining human sexuality. Through simple, age-appropriate text and pictures, girls ages 3 to 5 discover that the similarities and differences between boys and girls are created by God for specific reasons.

Moving Into Adolescence

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Author: Roberta G. Simmons
Publisher: AldineTransaction
ISBN: 0202367436
Size: 65.67 MB
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Moving Into Adolescence by Roberta G. Simmons

Original Title: Moving Into Adolescence

From the sociological point of view, adolescence traditionally has been described as a period of physical maturity and social immaturity. Adolescents reach physical adulthood before they are capable of functioning well in adult social roles. The disjunction between physical capabilities and socially allowed independence and power and the concurrent status ambiguities are viewed as stressful for the adolescent in modern Western society. It has been assumed that the need to disengage from parents during these years will result in high levels of rebellion and parent-child conflict. Moving into Adolescence follows students as they make a major life course transition from childhood into early adolescence. Substantial controversy has been generated within the behavioral sciences concerning the difficulty of adolescence as a transitional period. On the one hand, there are those who characterize the period as an exceptionally and necessarily stressful time in the life course. On the other hand, many investigators treat this view of adolescence as their straw man. To them, the supposed tumult of adolescence is just that--supposed and mythical. The purpose of this book is to study the transition from childhood into early and middle adolescence in order to investigate change along a wide variety of psychosocial dimensions with a particular focus on the self-image. The authors investigate the impact of timing of pubertal change and also the movement from an intimate, elementary school context into a large-scale secondary school environment. The first major movement into a large-scale organizational context may cause difficulty for the child, as may the dramatic changes of puberty. In addition, gender differences and changes in gender differences are studied. Both short- and long-term consequences of transition are examined focusing on is the role of pubertal change and school transition.

Religion And Film

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Author: Melanie J. Wright
Publisher: I.B.Tauris
ISBN: 9781850437598
Size: 78.48 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Religion And Film by Melanie J. Wright

Original Title: Religion And Film

Annotation From the silent era to the contemporary blockbuster - from Dreyer's La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc to The Wicker Man and Mel Gibson's controversial box-office hit The Passion of the Christ - religion has been a perennial fascination for film-makers. Yet film studies rarely look closely at these portrayals of religion, while religious studies have tended to be concerned with a film's fidelity to a religious worldview. or its value as a tool in ministry or mission. Religion and Film: An Introduction redresses this balance, with a new, cross-disciplinary approach to the subject that draws from cultural studies, religious studies and film studies alike.

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