Cognitive Dissonance

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Author: Joel Cooper
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1446224724
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Cognitive Dissonance by Joel Cooper

Original Title: Cognitive Dissonance

'Dr. Joel Cooper has been at the very forefront of research on dissonance theory for decades now. In this book, he provides a brilliant and engagingly-written review of the 50-year history of dissonance research and a masterful account of the ensuing developments in the theory. The book will be an outstanding resource for readers familiar with dissonance research and an enlightening introduction for those who are not' - Professor Russell H. Fazio, Ohio State University Why is it that people who smoke continue to do so knowing how bad it is for them? What drives people to committing adultery even though they inherently believe this is wrong? What's the outcome of this contradiction in the mind? Cognitive dissonance has been an important and influential theory since Leon Festinger published his classic work in 1957. It is known by every social psychologist, most psychologists of any stripe, and the lay public, making its way into such mainstream publications as The New York Times with increasing frequency and accuracy. Ultimately, dissonance has become one of the most popularly known expressions of social psychological insights, making its way into the literature in consumer, health and economic behavior, and has become a frequently used explanation of political behavior in the popular press and magazines. In marking the 50th anniversary of the theory's inception, Joel Cooper - arguably the scholar most associated with dissonance research in the past few decades - has presented a beautiful, modern and comprehensive analysis of the state of dissonance theory. This book charts the progress of dissonance theory, assessing its impact not only within our understanding of psychology but in everyday experiences as well. It should be important reading for students in social psychology, either undergraduate or graduate, but equally relevant to a host of other readers who need to understand or share the same passions for appreciating the significance of cognitive dissonance in the human psyche.

A Radical Dissonance Theory

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Author: Jean-Léon Beauvois
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9780748404728
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A Radical Dissonance Theory by Jean-Léon Beauvois

Original Title: A Radical Dissonance Theory

This text provides an account of dissonance theory and reduction. It studies the evolution of cognitive dissonance theory, providing a review and a new interpretation of Festinger's original theory - the "radical conception". The authors present research arising from this new interpretation, adding to Festinger's theory by emphasizing the importance of the status of behaviour. Their research and evidence is intended to strengthen and clarify Festinger's original and innovative arguments.

A Theory Of Cognitive Dissonance

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Author: Camille Morvan
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1351350080
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A Theory Of Cognitive Dissonance by Camille Morvan

Original Title: A Theory Of Cognitive Dissonance

Leon Festinger's 1957 A Theory of Cognitive Dissonance is a key text in the history of psychology - one that made its author one of the most influential social psychologists of his time. It is also a prime example of how creative thinking and problem solving skills can come together to produce work that changes the way people look at questions for good. Strong creative thinkers are able to look at things from a new perspective, often to the point of challenging the very frames in which those around them see things. Festinger was such a creative thinker, leading what came to be known as the "cognitive revolution" in social psychology. When Festinger was carrying out his research, the dominant school of thought - behaviorism - focused on outward behaviors and their effects. Festinger, however, turned his attention elsewhere, looking at "cognition: " the mental processes behind behaviors. In the case of "cognitive dissonance," for example, he hypothesized that apparently incomprehensible or illogical behaviors might be caused by a cognitive drive away from dissonance, or internal contradiction. This perspective, however, raised a problem: how to examine and test out cognitive processes. Festinger's book records the results of the psychological experiments he designed to solve that problem. The results helped prove the existence for what is now a fundamental theory in social psychology.

The Theory Of Cognitive Dissonance

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Author: Nehemiah Jordan
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The Theory Of Cognitive Dissonance by Nehemiah Jordan

Original Title: The Theory Of Cognitive Dissonance

A critical review is presented of the formulation, the experimental basis, and recent modifications of a theory in behavioral psychology known as cognitive dissonance. Thirty-seven experiments conducted by scientists in support of the 'theory' are analyzed to determine to what extent they confirm or disconfirm it. The author concludes that the 'theory' has neither theoretical nor empirical substance and contributes very little to an understanding of cognition and motivation.

The Dissonance Of Democracy

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Author: Susan Bickford
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 9780801483776
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The Dissonance Of Democracy by Susan Bickford

Original Title: The Dissonance Of Democracy

Although the role of shared speech in political action has received much theoretical attention, too little thought has focused on the practice of listening in political interaction, according to Susan Bickford. Even in a formally democratic polity, political action occurs in a context of conflict and inequality; thus, the shared speech of citizenship differs significantly from the conversations of friendly associates. Bickford suggests that democratic politics requires a particular quality of attention, one not based on care or friendship. Analyzing specifically political listening is central to the development of democratic theory, she contends, and to envisioning democratic practices for contemporary society. Bickford's analysis draws on the work of Aristotle and of Hannah Arendt to establish the conflictual and contentious character of politics. To analyze the social forces that deflect attention from particular voices, Bickford mobilizes contemporary feminist theory, including Gloria Anzaldua's work on the connection between identity and politics. She develops a conception of citizen interaction characterized by adversarial communication in a context of inequality. Such a conception posits public identity - and hence public listening - as active and creative, and grounded in particular social and political contexts.


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Author: Sean Alexander Gurd
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0823269655
Size: 33.22 MB
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Dissonance by Sean Alexander Gurd

Original Title: Dissonance

In the four centuries leading up to the death of Euripides, Greek singers, poets, and theorists delved deeply into auditory experience. They charted its capacity to develop topologies distinct from those of the other senses; contemplated its use as a communicator of information; calculated its power to express and cause extreme emotion. They made sound too, artfully and self-consciously creating songs and poems that reveled in sonorousness. Dissonance reveals the commonalities between ancient Greek auditory art and the concerns of contemporary sound studies, avant-garde music, and aesthetics, making the argument that "classical" Greek song and drama were, in fact, an early European avant-garde, a proto-exploration of the aesthetics of noise. The book thus develops an alternative to that romantic ideal which sees antiquity as a frozen and silent world.

An Application Of The Theory Of Cognitive Dissonance To The Determination Of The Effectiveness Of Two Major Personal Selling Techniques

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Author: Richard Charles Reizenstein
Size: 55.58 MB
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An Application Of The Theory Of Cognitive Dissonance To The Determination Of The Effectiveness Of Two Major Personal Selling Techniques by Richard Charles Reizenstein

Original Title: An Application Of The Theory Of Cognitive Dissonance To The Determination Of The Effectiveness Of Two Major Personal Selling Techniques

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