Dragonfish A Novel

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Author: Vu Tran
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393248429
Size: 42.52 MB
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Dragonfish A Novel by Vu Tran

Original Title: Dragonfish A Novel

“Richly satisfying work. . . . [Has] a place on the top shelf of literary thrillers.” —Gerald Bartell, San Francisco Chronicle Robert, an Oakland cop, still can't let go of Suzy, the enigmatic Vietnamese wife who left him two years ago. Now she's disappeared from her new husband, Sonny, a violent Vietnamese smuggler and gambler who's blackmailing Robert into finding her for him. As he pursues her through the sleek and seamy gambling dens of Las Vegas, shadowed by Sonny's sadistic son, "Junior," and assisted by unexpected and reluctant allies, Robert learns more about his ex-wife than he ever did during their marriage. He finds himself chasing the ghosts of her past, one that reaches back to a refugee camp in Malaysia after the fall of Saigon, as his investigation soon uncovers the existence of an elusive packet of her secret letters to someone she left behind long ago. Although Robert starts illuminating the dark corners of Suzy’s life, the legacy of her sins threatens to immolate them all. Vu Tran has written a thrilling and cinematic work of sophisticated suspense and haunting lyricism, set in motion by characters who can neither trust each other nor trust themselves. This remarkable debut is a noir page-turner resonant with the lasting reverberations of lives lost and lives remade a generation ago.

The Water Buffalo Children

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Author: Pearl Sydenstricker Buck
Size: 73.85 MB
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The Water Buffalo Children by Pearl Sydenstricker Buck

Original Title: The Water Buffalo Children

In the Water Buffalo Children, the children believe a stone is magic and have a day of amusing adventures trying to discover the extent of its powers. In Dragon Fish, two little girls, one American and one Chinese, tired of their brothers, decide to run away.

Visual Ecology

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Author: Thomas W. Cronin
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400853028
Size: 53.46 MB
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Visual Ecology by Thomas W. Cronin

Original Title: Visual Ecology

Visual ecology is the study of how animals use visual systems to meet their ecological needs, how these systems have evolved, and how they are specialized for particular visual tasks. Visual Ecology provides the first up-to-date synthesis of the field to appear in more than three decades. Featuring some 225 illustrations, including more than 140 in color, spread throughout the text, this comprehensive and accessible book begins by discussing the basic properties of light and the optical environment. It then looks at how photoreceptors intercept light and convert it to usable biological signals, how the pigments and cells of vision vary among animals, and how the properties of these components affect a given receptor's sensitivity to light. The book goes on to examine how eyes and photoreceptors become specialized for an array of visual tasks, such as navigation, evading prey, mate choice, and communication. A timely and much-needed resource for students and researchers alike, Visual Ecology also includes a glossary and a wealth of examples drawn from the full diversity of visual systems. The most up-to-date overview of visual ecology available Features some 225 illustrations, including more than 140 in color, spread throughout the text Guides readers from the basic physics of light to the role of visual systems in animal behavior Includes a glossary and a wealth of real-world examples Some images inside the book are unavailable due to digital copyright restrictions.

The Dream Compass

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Author: Jeff Bredenberg
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1497622417
Size: 36.31 MB
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The Dream Compass by Jeff Bredenberg

Original Title: The Dream Compass

Rulers of old nearly destroyed the planet. And the new “boss” may finish the job. Any day now, The Monitor will unleash his deadly secret upon a war-addled planet. What brutal dictator worth his salt would pass up the chance to annihilate an entire competing population? But he didn’t count on interference from Anton Takk, the guilt-ridden escapee from a northern labor camp. Or from Rosenthal Webb, the aging Revolutionary burrowed in a mountain hideout. Or, for that matter, from the ruthless warrior-musician Tha'Enton. And no one across the entire decimated landscape could have anticipated Pec-Pec, equal parts magician, Rasta mystic—and master manipulator!

Scaly Dragonfish

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Author: Lambert M. Surhone
ISBN: 9786133046078
Size: 26.80 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Scaly Dragonfish by Lambert M. Surhone

Original Title: Scaly Dragonfish

High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The scaly dragonfish, Stomias boa boa, is a small abyssal barbeled dragonfish of the family Stomiidae, found worldwide in tropical to temperate oceans, apart from the north Pacific and northwest Atlantic Oceans, at depths of between 200 and 1,500 m. Its length is between 20 and 32 cm. Stomiidae is a family of deep-sea ray-finned fish, including the barbeled dragonfishes, stareaters and loosejaws. Stomiids are generally elongated fish with black or near-black bodies, but they are highly variable in form, and are sometimes grouped into multiple different families as a result.

Deep Ocean Food Chains

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Author: Marybeth Mataya
Publisher: ABDO Publishing Company
ISBN: 1617874701
Size: 28.44 MB
Format: PDF
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Deep Ocean Food Chains by Marybeth Mataya

Original Title: Deep Ocean Food Chains

Microbes to shrimp to dragonfish to giant squid to sperm whale. That's one simple food chain deep in the ocean. Food chains are fascinating! Every environment has factors that affect the flow of energy in its food chains„all the way up to you! This beautifully illustrated series explores the plants and animals that live in each ecosystem, the adaptations its plant and animal have, and how the flow of energy creates the food chain links. Discover what's for dinner in the food chains and webs in each environment with easy-to-read text, sidebars, and back matter. Looking Glass Library is an imprint of Magic Wagon, a division of ABDO Group. Grades PreK-4.

Sensory Ecology Behaviour And Evolution

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Author: Martin Stevens
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191651478
Size: 31.66 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Sensory Ecology Behaviour And Evolution by Martin Stevens

Original Title: Sensory Ecology Behaviour And Evolution

Throughout their lives animals must complete many tasks, including finding food, avoiding predators, attracting mates, and navigating through a complex and dynamic environment. Consequently, they have evolved a staggering array of sensory organs that are fundamental to survival and reproduction and shape much of their evolution and behaviour. Sensory ecology deals with how animals acquire, process, and use information in their lives, and the sensory systems involved. It investigates the type of information that is gathered by animals, how it is used in a range of behaviours, and the evolution of such traits. It deals with both mechanistic questions (e.g. how sensory receptors capture information from the environment, and how the physical attributes of the environment affect information transmission) and functional questions (e.g. the adaptive significance of the information used by the animal to make a decision). Recent research has dealt more explicitly with how sensory systems are involved with and even drive evolutionary change, including the formation of new species. Sensory Ecology, Behaviour, and Evolution provides a broad introduction to sensory ecology across a wide range of taxonomic groups, covering all the various sensory modalities (e.g. sound, visual, chemical, magnetic, and electric) relating to diverse areas spanning anti-predator strategies, foraging, mate choice, navigation and more, with the aim being to illustrate key principles and differences. This accessible textbook is suitable for senior undergraduates, graduate students, and professional academics taking courses or conducting research in sensory ecology/biology, neuroethology, behavioural and evolutionary ecology, communication, and signalling. It will also be of relevance and use to psychologists interested in sensory information and behaviour.

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