Foundations And Earth Retaining Structures

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Author: M. Budhu
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Size: 74.34 MB
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Foundations And Earth Retaining Structures by M. Budhu

Original Title: Foundations And Earth Retaining Structures

Foundations and Earth Structures is written primarily for anundergraduate course in foundation analysis and design. It shouldalso appeal to graduate students and practicing engineers. Thereare three primary objectives for this textbook. Firstly, to presentbasic concepts and fundamental principles that are necessary tounderstand the background of the methods employed in foundationdesign. Secondly, to inform students on the values and limitationsof popular methods of analyses in foundation engineering. Thirdly,to provide a framework for students to carry out simple foundationdesign and appreciate the design process. This is a textbook and not a design manual. Consequently, itemphasizes fundamentals rather than procedures. However, practicalprocedures, where appropriate, are included to allow students totransit into "office" design. The topics are sequenced so as not torush the students into design but to build a solid foundation inthe fundamentals so that they could understand the implications ofthe assumptions in the design.

Foundations And Earth Retaining Structures

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Author: CTI Reviews
Publisher: Cram101 Textbook Reviews
ISBN: 1467281980
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Foundations And Earth Retaining Structures by CTI Reviews

Original Title: Foundations And Earth Retaining Structures

Facts101 is your complete guide to Foundations and Earth Retaining Structures. In this book, you will learn topics such as as those in your book plus much more. With key features such as key terms, people and places, Facts101 gives you all the information you need to prepare for your next exam. Our practice tests are specific to the textbook and we have designed tools to make the most of your limited study time.

Earth Pressure And Earth Retaining Structures Third Edition

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Author: Chris R.I. Clayton
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1466552115
Size: 19.11 MB
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Earth Pressure And Earth Retaining Structures Third Edition by Chris R.I. Clayton

Original Title: Earth Pressure And Earth Retaining Structures Third Edition

Effectively Calculate the Pressures of Soil When it comes to designing and constructing retaining structures that are safe and durable, understanding the interaction between soil and structure is at the foundation of it all. Laying down the groundwork for the non-specialists looking to gain an understanding of the background and issues surrounding geotechnical engineering, Earth Pressure and Earth-Retaining Structures, Third Edition introduces the mechanisms of earth pressure, and explains the design requirements for retaining structures. This text makes clear the uncertainty of parameter and partial factor issues that underpin recent codes. It then goes on to explain the principles of the geotechnical design of gravity walls, embedded walls, and composite structures. What’s New in the Third Edition: The first half of the book brings together and describes possible interactions between the ground and a retaining wall. It also includes materials that factor in available software packages dealing with seepage and slope instability, therefore providing a greater understanding of design issues and allowing readers to readily check computer output. The second part of the book begins by describing the background of Eurocode 7, and ends with detailed information about gravity walls, embedded walls, and composite walls. It also includes recent material on propped and braced excavations as well as work on soil nailing, anchored walls, and cofferdams. Previous chapters on the development of earth pressure theory and on graphical techniques have been moved to an appendix. Earth Pressure and Earth-Retaining Structures, Third Edition is written for practicing geotechnical, civil, and structural engineers and forms a reference for engineering geologists, geotechnical researchers, and undergraduate civil engineering students.

Geotechnical Engineering Calculations And Rules Of Thumb

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Author: Ruwan Abey Rajapakse
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
ISBN: 0128046481
Size: 75.86 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Geotechnical Engineering Calculations And Rules Of Thumb by Ruwan Abey Rajapakse

Original Title: Geotechnical Engineering Calculations And Rules Of Thumb

Geotechnical Engineering Calculations and Rules of Thumb, Second Edition, offers geotechnical, civil and structural engineers a concise, easy-to-understand approach to selecting the right formula and solving even most difficult calculations in geotechnical engineering. A "quick look up guide", this book places formulas and calculations at the reader’s finger tips. In this book, theories are explained in a "nutshell" and then the calculation is presented and solved in an illustrated, step-by-step fashion. In its first part, the book covers the fundamentals of Geotechnical Engineering: Soil investigation, condition and theoretical concepts. In the second part it addresses Shallow Foundations, including bearing capacity, elastic settlement, foundation reinforcement, grillage design, footings, geogrids, tie and grade beams, and drainage. This session ends with a chapter on selecting foundation types. The next part covers Earth Retaining Structures and contains chapters on its basic concepts and types, gabion walls and reinforced earth walls. The following part covers Geotechnical Engineering Strategies providing coverage of softwares, instrumentation, excavations, raft design, rock mechanics, dip angle and strike, rock stabilization equipment, soil anchors, tunnel design, seismology, geosynthetics, and slurry cutoff walls. The final part is on Pile Foundations including content on design on sandy soils, clay soils, pin piles, negative skin friction, caissons and pile clusters. In this new and updated edition the author has incorporated new software calculation tools, current techniques for foundation design, liquefaction information, seismic studies, laboratory soil tests, geophysical techniques, new concepts for foundation design and Dam designs. All calculations have been updated to most current material characteristics available in the market. Practicing Geotechnical, Civil and Structural Engineers may find in this book an excellent companion to their day-to day work, benefiting from the clear and direct calculations, examples, and cases. Civil Engineering students may find particular interest in the concise theory presented in the beginning of each chapter. Calculations both in FPS and SI metric systems; Convenient access to all needed calculations; Access to concise theory that helps understand the calculations; Case studies from around the world; Includes new software calculation tools.

Earth Anchors

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Author: B.M. Das
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0444596607
Size: 76.11 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Earth Anchors by B.M. Das

Original Title: Earth Anchors

Anchors are primarily used in the construction of foundations of earth-supported and earth-retaining structures. The anchors are used in construction to transmit the outwardly-directed load to soil at a greater depth and/or farther from the structure. Although earth anchors have been used in practice for several hundred years, proper theoretical developments for purposes of modern engineering design have taken place only during the past twenty years or so. This book summarizes most of the theoretical and experimental works directed toward the ultimate and allowable holding capacity of earth anchors. The book contains six chapters with detailed discussions on horizontal, vertical and inclined anchor plates, helical anchors, and anchor piles. Discussions on the failure mechanism in soil located around the anchor, as well as various theories to calculate the ultimate and allowable loads, are presented. Laboratory and field test results which are required to supplement and verify the theories have also been included. This book is of interest to consulting engineers in geotechnical engineering, as well as geotechnical engineering researchers and engineering libraries.

Structural Detailing In Concrete

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Author: M. Y. H. Bangash
Publisher: Thomas Telford
ISBN: 9780727730343
Size: 56.33 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Structural Detailing In Concrete by M. Y. H. Bangash

Original Title: Structural Detailing In Concrete

Structural Detailing in Concrete, 2nd Edition is essential reading for educators, designers, draftsmen and detailers and all others who have an interest in structural concrete work. It will serve both as a primer for trainee detailers and as a reference for more experienced personnel.

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