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Author: Andrew Clements
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9780689832505
Size: 38.58 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Frindle by Andrew Clements

Original Title: Frindle

Is Nick Allen a troublemaker? He really just likes to liven things up at school -- and he's always had plenty of great ideas. When Nick learns some interesting information about how words are created, suddenly he's got the inspiration for his best plan ever...the frindle. Who says a pen has to be called a pen? Why not call it a frindle? Things begin innocently enough as Nick gets his friends to use the new word. Then other people in town start saying frindle. Soon the school is in an uproar, and Nick has become a local hero. His teacher wants Nick to put an end to all this nonsense, but the funny thing is frindle doesn't belong to Nick anymore. The new word is spreading across the country, and there's nothing Nick can do to stop it.


Download Read Online Frindle book
Publisher: Holt McDougal
ISBN: 9780618062652
Size: 35.14 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Frindle by

Original Title: Frindle

When he decides to turn his fifth grade teacher's love of the dictionary around on her, clever Nick Allen invents a new word and begins a chain of events that quickly moves beyond his control.


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Author: Garrett Christopher
Publisher: Learning Links
ISBN: 9780767506014
Size: 22.71 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Frindle by Garrett Christopher

Original Title: Frindle

Use Novel-Ties ® study guides as your total guided reading program. Reproducible pages in chapter-by-chapter format provide you with the right questions to ask, the important issues to discuss, and the organizational aids that help students get the most out of each book they read.


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Author: Middle School Novel Units
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781496055552
Size: 44.91 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Frindle by Middle School Novel Units

Original Title: Frindle

This is a combined literature and grammar unit that contains everything you need to teach the novel and more! Included in the unit are pre-reading, active-reading and post-reading activities with grammar lessons, literary activities, a literary terms matching quiz, a final essay test with grading rubric, and other activities just for fun!

Frindle Literature Kit Gr 3 4

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Author: Staci Marck
Publisher: Classroom Complete Press
ISBN: 1553198654
Size: 67.91 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Frindle Literature Kit Gr 3 4 by Staci Marck

Original Title: Frindle Literature Kit Gr 3 4

In this State Standards-aligned Literature Kit™, we divide the novel by chapters or sections and feature reading comprehension and vocabulary questions. In every chapter, we include Before You Read and After You Read questions. The Before You Read activities prepare students for reading by setting a purpose for reading. They stimulate background knowledge and experience, and guide students to make connections between what they know and what they will learn. The After You Read activities check students' comprehension and extend their learning. Students are asked to give thoughtful consideration of the text through creative and evaluative short-answer questions and journal prompts. Also included are writing tasks, graphic organizers, comprehension quiz, test prep, word search, and crossword to further develop students' critical thinking and writing skills, and analysis of the text. About the Novel: Frindle is the story of a clever, time-wasting schemer’s innovative plan to create his own word for the dictionary. Ten-year-old Nick Allen has a reputation for developing ingenious plans that distract teachers. For the first time ever, his diversions fail to create the desired results in Mrs. Granger’s fifth grade language arts class. Instead of distracting her, he ends up with an extra assignment and oral presentation on how new entries are added to the dictionary. Surprisingly, the boring assignment leads to Nick’s most clever idea ever when he decides to create his own new word - frindle. Nick recruits five fellow students to support his efforts in changing the name of pen to frindle. Their insistence on referring to pens as frindles causes a major commotion when Mrs. Granger’s passion for vocabulary and strict emphasis on the correct use of language result in a battle of wills that threatens to disrupt the whole school. Their war of words spreads beyond the school resulting in after-school punishments, a home visit from the principal, national publicity, economic opportunities for local businessmen, and, eventually inclusion in the dictionary. All of our content is aligned to your State Standards and are written to Bloom's Taxonomy.

Frindle By Andrew Clements Student Workbook

Download Read Online Frindle By Andrew Clements Student Workbook book
Author: John Pennington
ISBN: 9781540880246
Size: 23.30 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Frindle By Andrew Clements Student Workbook by John Pennington

Original Title: Frindle By Andrew Clements Student Workbook

The lessons on demand series is designed to provide ready to use resources for novel study. In this book you will find key vocabulary, student organizer pages, and assessments. This guide is the Student Workbook. The Teachers Guide will have answers and an open layout of the activities. The Student Workbook can be used alone but it will not include answers. Look for bound print Teacher Editions on PDF versions can be found on

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