Goodbye Columbus

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Author: Philip Roth
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0547345763
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Goodbye Columbus by Philip Roth

Original Title: Goodbye Columbus

National Book Award Winner Philip Roth's brilliant career was launched when the unknown twenty-five-year-old writer won the Houghton Mifflin Literary Fellowship for a collection that was to be called Goodbye, Columbus, and which, in turn, captured the 1960 National Book Award. In the famous title story, perhaps the best college love story ever written, Radcliffe-bound Brenda Patimkin initiates Neil Klugman of Newark into a new and unsettling society of sex, leisure, and loss. Over the years, most of the other stories have become classics as well.

A Study Guide For Philip Roth S Goodbye Columbus

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Author: Gale, Cengage Learning
Publisher: Gale, Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1410347117
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A Study Guide For Philip Roth S Goodbye Columbus by Gale, Cengage Learning

Original Title: A Study Guide For Philip Roth S Goodbye Columbus

A Study Guide for Philip Roth's "Goodbye, Columbus," excerpted from Gale's acclaimed Short Stories for Students. This concise study guide includes plot summary; character analysis; author biography; study questions; historical context; suggestions for further reading; and much more. For any literature project, trust Short Stories for Students for all of your research needs.

Philip Roth

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Author: Derek Parker Royal
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780275983635
Size: 64.15 MB
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Philip Roth by Derek Parker Royal

Original Title: Philip Roth

Poetry. LGBT Studies. Winner of the 2009 Thom Gunn Award for Gay Poetry. "Of camouflage, of appearance versus reality, of that darkness out of whichwe hope to draw forth a self we can recognize as our own—these areamong the concerns of these beautifully eerie poems that over and overpurport to navigate one space even as they carry us to spaces the poemsthemselves seem startled to have arrived at."—Carl Phillips "Shipley has invented an entirely new poetic consciousness. There is, I'm certain, no end to the flowers and beasts it will find."—Donald Revell

Something Nasty In The Slushpile

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Author: Sammy Looker
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1472111079
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Something Nasty In The Slushpile by Sammy Looker

Original Title: Something Nasty In The Slushpile

Most publishers keep a "slushpile" - the stack of unsolicited manuscripts which contains a large percentage of preposterous or frightening book proposals, which might just conceal that one jewel of a bestseller or classic novel lying near the bottom. Authors discovered via the slush pile include Roddy Doyle, J. K. Rowling and Philip Roth. Stephenie Meyer sent 15 query letters about her teenage-vampire saga and got nearly 10 rejection letters; one even arrived after she signed with an agent and received a three-book deal from Little, Brown. Kathryn Stockett's The Help was turned down 60 times over 31⁄2 years before becoming a best seller. Sadly though, these are the exceptions... Written by a reader with over a decade of slush pile experience, Something Nasty in the Slushpile takes a tour through the 'do's and 'don't's of book proposal, including many examples of hilarious, misguided and plain weird approaches. The contents include: Offputing greetings: Dear honourable reader, dear potential agent, friend and colleague, dear colleagues etc. Famous first lines: After ten books of criticism, I am turning my attention to a subject close to my heart, the illustrated story of my own life ... I don't really need to explain ... it would make this letter too long Firstly may I apologise for not getting this to you sooner after our conversation last week, however an unexpected funeral cropped up. Someone is killing literary agents ... I would have e-mailed you, but I am not allowed access to such facilities as I have just been sectioned. I should be out soon. Barmy USPs: It's like a British male version of Eat, Pray, Love. But less shrill and more believable. There are echoes of Paul Theroux and parallels with The Alchemist and Siddhartha My book is just about me, just an ordinary 'Jo Bloggs' chipping away relentlessly at the big roadblocks put in my way ... I want 10,000 people to be reading my book at the same time all over the world. I want the light to go on for them, the penny to drop and the wheel of change to start turning ... One person can make a difference and I want that person to be me. How not to respond to constructive criticism: Dear so-called publisher... I have shown my manuscript to my spiritual guide and he agrees that you are utterly wrong...

Jewish Anxiety And The Novels Of Philip Roth

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Author: Brett Ashley Kaplan
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 1628925035
Size: 62.25 MB
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Jewish Anxiety And The Novels Of Philip Roth by Brett Ashley Kaplan

Original Title: Jewish Anxiety And The Novels Of Philip Roth

Jewish Anxiety and the Novels of Philip Roth argues that Roth's novels teach us that Jewish anxiety stems not only from fear of victimization but also from fear of perpetration. It is impossible to think about Jewish victimization without thinking about the Holocaust; and it is impossible to think about the taboo question of Jewish perpetration without thinking about Israel. Roth's texts explore the Israel-Palestine question and the Holocaust with varying degrees of intensity but all his novels scrutinize perpetration and victimization through examining racism and sexism in America. Brett Ashley Kaplan uses Roth's novels as springboards to illuminate larger problems of victimization and perpetration; masculinity, femininity, and gender; racism and anti-Semitism. For if, as Kaplan argues, Jewish anxiety is not only about the fear of oppression, and we can begin to see how these anxieties function in terms of fears of perpetration, then perhaps we can begin to unpack the complicated dynamics around the line between the Holocaust and Israel-Palestine.

The Schlemiel As Metaphor

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Author: Sanford Pinsker
Publisher: SIU Press
ISBN: 9780809315819
Size: 76.49 MB
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The Schlemiel As Metaphor by Sanford Pinsker

Original Title: The Schlemiel As Metaphor

The certainty that deep down we are all schlemiels is perhaps what makes America love an inept ball team or a Woody Allen who unburdens his neurotic heart in public. In this unique, revised history of the schlemiel, Sanford Pinsker uses psychological, linguistic, and anecdotal approaches, as well as his considerable skills as a spritely storyteller, to trace the schlemiel from his beginnings in the Old Testament through his appearance in the nineteenth-century literature of Mendele Mocher Seforim and Sholom Aleichem to his final development as the beautiful loser in the works of Isaac Bashevis Singer, Bernard Malamud, Saul Bellow, Philip Roth, and Woody Allen. Horatio Alger might have once been a good emblem of the American sensibility, but today Woody Allen’s anxious, bespectacled punin (face) seems closer, and truer, to our national experience. His urban, end-of-the-century anxieties mirror—albeit in exaggeration—our own. This expanded study of the schlemiel is especially relevant now, when scholarship of Yiddish and American Jewish literature is on the increase. By sketching the family tree of that durable anti-hero the schlemiel, Pinsker proves that Jewish humor is built upon the very foundations of the Jewish experience. Pinsker shows the evolution of the schlemiel from the comic butt of Yiddish jokes to a literary figure that speaks to the heart of our modern problems, and he demonstrates the way that Yiddish humor provides a sorely needed correction, a way of pulling down the vanities we all live by.

Writing Our Lives

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Author: Steven Joel Rubin
Publisher: Jewish Publication Society
ISBN: 9780827603936
Size: 20.44 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Writing Our Lives by Steven Joel Rubin

Original Title: Writing Our Lives

Twenty-eight selections from the writings of some of the best-known American-Jewish novelists, dramatists, critics, and historians span the social and cultural history of American Jews in the twentieth century. Often joyous, occasionally tragic, they provide a fascinating record—from immigration to assimilation, from life in the ghetto to the current movement by many to recapture their Jewish identity. At once personal and historical, the selections are poignant and moving testimonies to the perseverance of the American-Jewish people.

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