Playing The Numbers

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Author: Shane White
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674051072
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Playing The Numbers by Shane White

Original Title: Playing The Numbers

The phrase “Harlem in the 1920s” evokes images of the Harlem Renaissance, or of Marcus Garvey and soapbox orators haranguing crowds about politics and race. Yet the most ubiquitous feature of Harlem life between the world wars was the game of “numbers.” Thousands of wagers, usually of a dime or less, would be placed on a daily number derived from U.S. bank statistics. The rewards of “hitting the number,” a 600-to-1 payoff, tempted the ordinary men and women of the Black Metropolis with the chimera of the good life. Playing the Numbers tells the story of this illegal form of gambling and the central role it played in the lives of African Americans who flooded into Harlem in the wake of World War I. For a dozen years the “numbers game” was one of America’s rare black-owned businesses, turning over tens of millions of dollars every year. The most successful “bankers” were known as Black Kings and Queens, and they lived royally. Yet the very success of “bankers” like Stephanie St. Clair and Casper Holstein attracted Dutch Schultz, Lucky Luciano, and organized crime to the game. By the late 1930s, most of the profits were being siphoned out of Harlem. Playing the Numbers reveals a unique dimension of African American culture that made not only Harlem but New York City itself the vibrant and energizing metropolis it was. An interactive website allows readers to locate actors and events on Harlem’s streets.

American Gangsters Then And Now An Encyclopedia

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Author: Nate Hendley
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 0313354529
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American Gangsters Then And Now An Encyclopedia by Nate Hendley

Original Title: American Gangsters Then And Now An Encyclopedia

A detailed compendium of American gangsters and gangs from the end of the Civil War to the present day. • Comprises 50 alphabetically organized entries on American gangsters and gangs from the post-Civil War era to the present • Offers a wealth of primary sources, including newspaper articles dating back to the 1880s and FBI files obtained by the author • Includes photographs of prominent American gangsters and the aftermaths of their crimes • Presents a glossary of gangster slang, past and present • Provides a comprehensive index

Bangkok Connection

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Publisher: Maverick House
ISBN: 1905379927
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Bangkok Connection by

Original Title: Bangkok Connection

'The Bangkok Connection' chronicles the story of Leslie 'Ike' Atkinson, charismatic former U.S. army master sergeant, career smuggler, card shark and doting family man whom law-enforcement agencies code-named Sergeant Smack. His criminal activities sparked the creation of a special DEA unit code-named Centac 9.


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Author: Jonathan Gill
Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
ISBN: 9780802195944
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Harlem by Jonathan Gill

Original Title: Harlem

Harlem is perhaps the most famous, iconic neighborhood in the United States. A bastion of freedom and the capital of Black America, Harlem's twentieth century renaissance changed our arts, culture, and politics forever. But this is only one of the many chapters in a wonderfully rich and varied history. In Harlem, historian Jonathan Gill presents the first complete chronicle of this remarkable place. From Henry Hudson's first contact with native Harlemites, through Harlem's years as a colonial outpost on the edge of the known world, Gill traces the neighborhood's story, marshaling a tremendous wealth of detail and a host of fascinating figures from George Washington to Langston Hughes. Harlem was an agricultural center under British rule and the site of a key early battle in the Revolutionary War. Later, wealthy elites including Alexander Hamilton built great estates there for entertainment and respite from the epidemics ravaging downtown. In the nineteenth century, transportation urbanized Harlem and brought waves of immigrants from Germany, Italy, Ireland, and elsewhere. Harlem's mix of cultures, extraordinary wealth and extreme poverty was electrifying and explosive. Extensively researched, impressively synthesized, eminently readable, and overflowing with captivating characters, Harlem is an ambitious, sweeping history, and an impressive achievement.

Black Silent Majority

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Author: Michael Javen Fortner
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674496108
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Black Silent Majority by Michael Javen Fortner

Original Title: Black Silent Majority

Aggressive policing and draconian sentencing have disproportionately imprisoned millions of African Americans for drug-related offenses. Michael Javen Fortner shows that in the 1970s these punitive policies toward addicts and pushers enjoyed the support of many working-class and middle-class blacks, angry about the chaos in their own neighborhoods.

Black Women Of The Harlem Renaissance Era

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Author: Lean'tin L. Bracks
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0810885433
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Black Women Of The Harlem Renaissance Era by Lean'tin L. Bracks

Original Title: Black Women Of The Harlem Renaissance Era

The Harlem Renaissance is considered one of the most significant periods of creative and intellectual expression for African Americans. Beginning as early as 1914 and lasting into the 1940s, this era saw individuals reject the stereotypes of African Americans and confront the racist, social, political, and economic ideas that denied them citizenship and access to the American Dream. While the majority of recognized literary and artistic contributors to this period were black males, African American women were also key contributors. Black Women of the Harlem Renaissance Era profiles the most important figures of this cultural and intellectual movement. Highlighting the accomplishments of black women who sought to create positive change after the end of WWI, this reference work includes representatives not only from the literary scene but also: Activists Actresses Artists Educators Entrepreneurs Musicians Political leaders Scholars By acknowledging the women who played vital—if not always recognized—roles in this movement, this book shows how their participation helped set the stage for the continued transformation of the black community well into the 1960s. To fully realize the breadth of these contributions, editors Lean’tin L. Bracks and Jessie Carney Smith have assembled profiles written by a number of accomplished academics and historians from across the country. As such, Black Women of the Harlem Renaissance Era will be of interest to scholars of women’s studies, African American studies, and cultural history, as well as students and anyone wishing to learn more about the women of this important era.

Crossroutes The Meanings Of Race For The 21st Century

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Author: Paola Boi
Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster
ISBN: 9783825866518
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Crossroutes The Meanings Of Race For The 21st Century by Paola Boi

Original Title: Crossroutes The Meanings Of Race For The 21st Century

This collection reflects the still urgent project of historical recuperation, as well as an examination of literary representations and other cultural manifestations of the Black Diaspora. Disciplinary work within the boundaries of African American Studies has been enhanced by more general considerations of the history of "race" and racism in globalized contexts. The articles assembled here reflect recent empirical research as well as challenging theoretical considerations. Contributions address particular formations of racialized modernity owed to the impact of the Atlantic slave trade and slavery, and thus broaden the approach to the Middle Passage, to improve our understanding of it as a constitutive transatlantic phenomenon in the widest possible sense.


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Jet by

Original Title: Jet

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