How Old Are We

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Author: Shirley Scott
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1450278604
Size: 49.21 MB
Format: PDF
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How Old Are We by Shirley Scott

Original Title: How Old Are We

Ever ask y ourself how big space is? Or how long time will go on? Or maybe you want to know what is waiting for us after our suns dies and our galaxy turns into nothing but a black hole in space? May be you wonder what ghosts are and where aliens come from? Or you "just seem to have knowledge" of something you've never studied. Or maybe you have had a lot of deja Vu moments and you don't know why. How old are we explores all these questions and events to help you understand life, time and space in an easy to read book. Shirley is a student of the Universe and looks at all these subjects from a clairvoyant side. She views many things as metaphors supplied by the Universe to help us learn lessons the easy way, if we just look at them in a non-judgmental way. How Old are We shows us how clear life can be when you take the time to step off the stage see what is really going on in our life.

The Nine Numbers Of The Cosmos

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Author: Michael Rowan-Robinson
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191509175
Size: 74.16 MB
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The Nine Numbers Of The Cosmos by Michael Rowan-Robinson

Original Title: The Nine Numbers Of The Cosmos

How old is the universe? How far away are the galaxies and how fast are they travelling away from us? What is dark matter and why do astronomers think it pervades the universe? How heavy is the vacuum? How do galaxies form? Michael Rowan-Robinson answers these and many more questions in a highly original and intriguing way. He encapsulates our current knowledge (both what we do and don't know) of the origin and the nature of the universe into nine numbers. These cosmic numbers appear to be independent characteristics of our universe and include its age, the Hubble constant (a measure of its rate of expression), and the density of matter in the universe. Only one of the nine numbers is known with real precision, and four of them only poorly known. The complex ideas that underpin modern cosmology such as the origin of the elements and quantum theory are explained clearly and accessibly, and more speculative ideas like inflation and superstrings are also covered, but with a refreshing scepticism. While most of what we know has been learnt during the 20th century, Rowan-Robinson provides a historical perspective, paying homage to the achievements of the Greeks, Renaissance astronomers, and the age of Newton. He ends the book with a look to the future, predicting that with the further space missions we will accurately know the nine numbers described in this book by the year 2015, but concludes that the origin of the Big Bang itself will still be a mystery by the end of the twenty-first century, and perhaps even in the year 3000.

Cosmological Parameters And The Evolution Of The Universe

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Author: Katsuhiko Sato
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780792354598
Size: 39.34 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Cosmological Parameters And The Evolution Of The Universe by Katsuhiko Sato

Original Title: Cosmological Parameters And The Evolution Of The Universe

How old is our Universe? At what speed is our Universe expanding? Is our universe flat or curved? How is the hierarchical structure of the present Universe formed? The purpose of IAU Symposium 183 on the Cosmological Parameters and the Evolution of the Universe was to encourage a state-of-the-art discussion and assessment of cosmology by putting together the latest observational data and theoretical ideas on the evolution of the universe and cosmological parameters. In this volume, excellent reviews on these subjects by distinguished scientists are included. The first article by M.S. Longair, `Cosmological Parameters and the Evolution of the Universe: Progress and Prospect', is a magnificent general review which can be understood by non-specialists. The other reviews include Hubble Constants (W.L. Freedman, G.A. Tammann), Microwave Background Radiation (R.B. Partridge, N. Sugiyama), Galaxy Formation and Evolution (R.S. Ellis) and Alternative Cosmological Models (J.V. Narlikar). In addition to the reviews, recent observational and theoretical developments by outstanding active scientists are included.

Salters Horners Advanced Physics

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Author: Anne Trevillion
Publisher: Heinemann
ISBN: 9780435628925
Size: 49.51 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Salters Horners Advanced Physics by Anne Trevillion

Original Title: Salters Horners Advanced Physics

The "Salters Horners Advanced Physics" series places physics into social, industrial, environmental and historical contexts, and covers the A Level specifications in place from September 2000. This A2 Level student book features maths support notes and applications-led illustrations of physics.

Cosmological Enigmas

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Author: Mark Kidger
Publisher: JHU Press
ISBN: 0801893356
Size: 21.62 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Cosmological Enigmas by Mark Kidger

Original Title: Cosmological Enigmas

The universe is big. Really big. And it gets bigger every day. In Cosmological Enigmas, Mark Kidger weaves together history, science, and science fiction to consider questions about the bigness of space and the strange objects that lie trembling at the edge of infinity. What are quasars, blazars, and gamma-ray bursters? Could we ever travel to the stars? Can we really expect aliens to contact us? From the profound (what evidence do we have to support the big bang theory?) to the bizarre (can there be more than one universe and, if so, how many dimensions does it possess?) to the everyday-yet-profound (why is the sky dark at night?), Kidger explains not only what we know but how we came to know it. Reflecting on how stars shine and what may lie beyond the edge of the universe, Kidger takes us on the ultimate cosmic journey. -- John Griffiths

Solving The Mystery Of The Biblical Flood

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Author: William Scott Anderson
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781469122304
Size: 77.33 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Solving The Mystery Of The Biblical Flood by William Scott Anderson

Original Title: Solving The Mystery Of The Biblical Flood

This is a very unique book, that for the first time puts forth a new theory on how a recent global flood as described in the Bible may have occurred, that is both plausible and scientifically sound. The author treats Noah´s flood as a scientific mystery story which he then proceeds to solve by examining the clues found in the geological record and human history, building a theory that is in harmony with the biblical record of an earth wide deluge and with what we know about the geology of the earth. In this detailed and well referenced book, common objections to the biblical deluge are examined and answers are found that satisfy both a literal interpretation of scripture and a scientific examination of the facts. This book is compelling as the author proves what many have come to view as mere myth, is actually a historical event well supported by scientific evidence. The author also presents the results of his research on detecting recently deposited micro marine fossils left by the flood in soil samples. Presenting solid Paleoclimatological evidence of the deluge, this book may require rewriting many currently used textbooks. Sure to be considered very controversial, this is a must read for any one interested in geology or the biblical deluge. Written for the general public and the more geologically inclined as well, this book is a seamless merging of a literal reading of Genesis with what geology knows about the earth. 305 pages, 20 B&W illustrations, index.

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