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Author: Stephen King
Publisher: Titan Books
ISBN: 1781168490
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Joyland by Stephen King

Original Title: Joyland

Life is Not Always a Butcher's Game. Sometimes the Prizes Are Real. Sometimes They're Precious. All-time best-selling author STEPHEN KING returns with a novel of carny life—and death... College student Devin Jones took the summer job at Joyland hoping to forget the girl who broke his heart. But he wound up facing something far more terrible: the legacy of a vicious murder, the fate of a dying child, and dark truths about life—and what comes after—that would change his world forever. A riveting story about love and loss, about growing up and growing old—and about those who don't get to do either because death comes for them before their time—JOYLAND is Stephen King at the peak of his storytelling powers. With all the emotional impact of King masterpieces such as The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption, JOYLAND is at once a mystery, a horror story, and a bittersweet coming-of-age novel, one that will leave even the most hard-boiled reader profoundly moved.


Download Read Online Joyland book
Author: Emily Schultz
Publisher: ECW Press
ISBN: 1554902657
Size: 38.58 MB
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Joyland by Emily Schultz

Original Title: Joyland

Welcome to 1984 and the town of South Wakefield. Chris Lane is 14 and he's sure that he can see the future, or at least guess what's inside of Christie Brinkley's mind. But he can't foresee the closing of Joyland, the town’s only video arcade. With the arcade’s passing comes a summer of teenage lust, violence, and a search for new entertainment. Never far away is Chris’s younger sister, Tammy, who plays spy to the events that will change the lives of her family and town forever. Joyland is a novel about the impossibility of knowing the future. Schultz bring the Cold War home in a novel set to the digital pulse of video games and the echoes of hair metal. Joyland is illustrated throughout by graphic novelist Nate Powell, whose work has been praised by Sin City creator Frank Miller as “observant, intimate cartooning [that] surgically cuts to the bone.”

Sacramento S Oak Park

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Author: Lee M. A. Simpson
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 9780738529325
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Sacramento S Oak Park by Lee M. A. Simpson

Original Title: Sacramento S Oak Park

The history of American cities is a history of suburbs. It is a history of moving out and settling in, of technological innovation, of rearrangements of space, and the creation and erosion of community. Oak Park was Sacramento's first suburb, and before being officially annexed to the city in 1911, it prided itself on having separate law enforcement, its own newspaper, and perhaps most importantly, its own amusement park--Joyland. Unlike the more elite neighborhoods of Land Park and East Sacramento, Oak Park has always reflected working-class values and a less pretentious approach to architecture. Today, Oak Park is actively rediscovering and reestablishing its roots as a distinct, vital community and urban center.

Corresponding Lives

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Author: Joy Land
ISBN: 9780542768019
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Corresponding Lives by Joy Land

Original Title: Corresponding Lives

Discussion of female educators and the education of females in the AIU School for Girls is intertwined with the themes of the "civilizing mission", the educator-mother, and colonialism in an emerging modernity. Parallels are drawn to the education of girls in Muslim Tunisia, France, or other regions, as appropriate. Evidence has revealed that the work of the women educators extended beyond the classroom to the local community. The goal of the teachers was to form a new role for women in the private realm of the household and the public place of employment. The Middle East and North Africa continue to be confronted by these issues today, as first recognized by the women educators of the Alliance more than a century ago.

Retro Five

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Author: Kyle Wu
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781539710363
Size: 28.18 MB
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Retro Five by Kyle Wu

Original Title: Retro Five

In Retro Five, the acclaimed literary magazine Joyland has collected fourteen of its editors' favorites stories from the last year. Annabel Graham explores scars left and secrets found in a teenage girl's first summer in New York; Olga Breydo refracts the American ritual of homecoming through the eyes of a young Ukrainian immigrant in Missouri. C.E. Hyun tells the tale of a Norse god reborn as a young woman living in Venice, and childhood friends reconnect at Los Angeles's Chateau Marmont in Duncan Birmingham's tale. Some themes are universal: Lillian Weber focuses on complications between roommates, and Michele Lyn King sharply depicts the ghost of an ex-girlfriend hovering over a nascent relationship at an everytown-college.

How Sunshine Returned To Joyland

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Author: Aparajita Dutta
ISBN: 9781545593912
Size: 65.50 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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How Sunshine Returned To Joyland by Aparajita Dutta

Original Title: How Sunshine Returned To Joyland

When evil Darkness attacked and took away Sunshine from Joyland, sadness and fear took over. Apu, despite being very young, was determined to fight Darkness and restore Sunshine in Joyland. It was the most dangerous and difficult quest of her life. Join her on this adventure as she solves challenges, makes special friends (including dragons!), and climbs the steepest peaks of Mount Adversity. Can she defeat Darkness with the help of her friends? Will she be able to bring Sunshine back to Joyland?This book is inspired by, and dedicated to all brave kids fighting cancer, or facing other life critical challenges. You continue to inspire and amaze us with your strength, cheerful attitude and best efforts despite all the difficulties... You are our true, unsung heroes!

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