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Author: Christine Sumpter-Hegar
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 9781462838769
Size: 69.87 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Lilith by Christine Sumpter-Hegar

Original Title: Lilith

Lilith was your everyday college student from a small Texas town. She was enjoying her average life until it became intertwined with a dark stranger, which caused her life to spiral out of control. Lilith must now face her mysterious past while fighting to save her one and only true friend from the clutches of a bloodthirsty killer.

Which Lilith

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Author: Enid Dame
Publisher: Jason Aronson, Incorporated
ISBN: 1461632536
Size: 54.47 MB
Format: PDF
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Which Lilith by Enid Dame

Original Title: Which Lilith

Eve was not Adam's first wife. That honor belongs to Lilith, who was created as Adam's equal. When he tried to dominate her, she uttered God's secret name and flew away. Lilith is mentioned in the Talmud, elaborated on in the midrash and in the kabbalah, whispered about in stories, and passed down from mother to daughter. In this anthology, a vivid, provocative, and enlightening sampling of Jewish women's written responses to the Lilith myth are offered. The editors have provided the space for contemporary women to link themselves to a tradition and participate in a sacred activity, thereby infusing energy into Lilith and creating a new tradition.

Lilith The Human

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Author: Jordan K. Rose
Publisher: Jordan K. Rose
Size: 42.16 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Lilith The Human by Jordan K. Rose

Original Title: Lilith The Human

Lilith has not tasted a man in more than a decade, but not because she doesn’t want one. Truth be told she’d love one or two or three. But over the centuries she’s developed certain control issues that are best left un-tempted. When a tall, handsome stranger baits the first vampire to walk the earth, Lilith bares more than fang and throws her already strained control right off with her clothes. Welcome to Seductions. Step into the most popular bar in New England and enter a world where Others live side-by-side with unsuspecting humans. At Seductions the drinks are always tasty, the romance is always hot, and the patrons aren’t always human. The Short Seductions Series is a collection of ten spicy paranormal romance short stories, each of roughly 8,000 words in length. These hot little love stories are short enough to enjoy on your lunch break, but long enough to satisfy any romance reader. Each sensual tale tells the romantic journey of a different hero and heroine. Come on in. Have a drink. Enjoy a quickie happily-ever-after. Stories in the Short Seductions Series Shana & The Vampire, Story One- release date July 10, 2015 Delia & The Werewolf, Story Two- release date July 17, 2015 Tess & The Demon, Story Three- release date July 24, 2015 Jenna & The Telepath, Story Four- release date July 31, 2015 Liza & The Dragon, Story Five- release date August 7, 2015 Beatrice & The Shifter, Story Six- release date September 4, 2015 Maria & The Angel, Story Seven- release date November 6, 2015 Raquel & The Necromancer, Story Eight- release date December 4, 2015 Abigail & The Warlock, Story Nine-release date February 5, 2016 Lilith & The Human, Story Ten- release date March 4, 2016


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Author: Paul Kidd
Publisher: Paul Kidd
ISBN: 1847531660
Size: 41.90 MB
Format: PDF
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Lilith by Paul Kidd

Original Title: Lilith

They have always been with us: the children of the Wastelands. The spawn of human dreams. Born of human yearning -- born from dreams of lust. Intellects created out of unbridled hunger The Succubi. Feeding from our love, they walk amongst us, wearing the bodies of our dead. And their love kills as surely as a severed vein Lilith: Be careful what you wish for

Lilith The First Eve

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Author: Siegmund Hurwitz
Publisher: Daimon
ISBN: 3856305777
Size: 76.79 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Lilith The First Eve by Siegmund Hurwitz

Original Title: Lilith The First Eve

In a facinating excursion though the history of her myth, Seigmund Hurwitz presents and interprets the ancient dark-winged goddess Lilth, aslo know as "the first Eve". The authors extraoridnary meticulous study of the original sources brings to light a stiking figure long lost from our awareness, yet highly relevant to a psychological understanding of today's evolving masculine and feminine identities. Case material from his analytical practice imbeds Lilith in the everyday problems of contemporary life. That an unbridled life-urge which refuses to be assimilated lies behind depression...seems to me to be a new and important discovery. By combining the experience of a comtemporaryman with this historical material, Seigmund Hurwitz sheds new light on both. - From the Foreword by Marie-Louise von Franz

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