Reactive Intermediates

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Author: R.A. Abramovitch
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1461334276
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Reactive Intermediates by R.A. Abramovitch

Original Title: Reactive Intermediates

The field of reactive intermediates has been blossoming at a rapid rate in recent years and its impact on chemistry, both "pure" and "applied," as well as on biology, astronomy, and other areas of science, is enormous. Several books have been published which cover the area; one, edited by McManus, * surveys the subject in general at the senior undergraduate or beginning graduate level. In addition, a number of monographs have appeared which deal with individual topics such as carbenes, nitrenes, free radicals, carbanions, carbenium ions, and so on, in great depth. Our objective is somewhat different. We hope that these Advances in . . . type of volumes will appear at irregular intervals of a year to 18 months each. We intend to publish up-to-date reviews in relatively new areas of the chemistry of reactive intermediates. These will be written by world authorities in the field, each one of whom will give the reader a current in-depth review of all aspects of the chemistry of each of these species. It is our plan that the subjects to be reviewed will cover not only organic chemistry but also inorganic, physical, bio-, industrial, and atmospheric chemistry. The volumes themselves, we hope, will end up being reasonably interdisciplinary, though this need not and probably will not be the case for the individual reviews.

Twenty Five Years Of Constructive Type Theory

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Author: Giovanni Sambin
Publisher: Clarendon Press
ISBN: 9780191589034
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Twenty Five Years Of Constructive Type Theory by Giovanni Sambin

Original Title: Twenty Five Years Of Constructive Type Theory

Per Martin-Löf's work on the development of constructive type theory has been of huge significance in the fields of logic and the foundations of mathematics. It is also of broader philosophical significance, and has important applications in areas such as computing science and linguistics. This volume draws together contributions from researchers whose work builds on the theory developed by Martin-Löf over the last twenty-five years. As well as celebrating the anniversary of the birth of the subject it covers many of the diverse fields which are now influenced by type theory. It is an invaluable record of areas of current activity, but also contains contributions from N. G. de Bruijn and William Tait, both important figures in the early development of the subject. Also published for the first time is one of Per Martin-Löf's earliest papers.

Genetics Of Bacterial Polysaccharides

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Author: Joanna B. Goldberg
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780849300219
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Genetics Of Bacterial Polysaccharides by Joanna B. Goldberg

Original Title: Genetics Of Bacterial Polysaccharides

Bacterial surface or secreted polysaccharides are molecules that can function as barriers to protect bacterial cells against environmental stresses, as well as act as adhesins or recognition molecules. In some cases, these molecules are immunodominant antigens eliciting a vigorous immune response, while in other cases the expression of polysaccharides camouflages the bacteria from the immune system. Until recently, most studies on the enzymatic steps and regulation of these molecules were performed on the enteric gram negative bacteria Escherichia coli and Salmonella typhimurium. With the advent of modern bacterial genetics, techniques such as construction and characterization of polysaccharide mutants, cloning of genes and complementation of these mutations, and expression of polysaccharides in heterologous bacterial hosts has prompted investigations into the roles and functions of these molecules for many different bacteria. Here, we present the genetic analysis of polysaccharides from a number of bacteria pathogenic to humans and one symbiotic with plants in hopes that similarities in the experimental approaches as well as finding s from such investigations may lead to a general understanding of polysaccharide synthesis and regulation in various bacteria. Features

Encyclopedia Of Contemporary Japanese Culture

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Author: Sandra Buckley
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134763522
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Encyclopedia Of Contemporary Japanese Culture by Sandra Buckley

Original Title: Encyclopedia Of Contemporary Japanese Culture

Offering extensive coverage, this Encyclopedia is a new reference that reflects the vibrant, diverse and evolving culture of modern Japan, spanning from the end of the Japanese Imperialist period in 1945 to the present day. Entries cover areas such as literature, film, architecture, food, health, political economy, religion and technology and they range from shorter definitions, histories or biographies to longer overview essays giving an in-depth treatment of major issues. With over 700 alphabetically arranged entries, this Encyclopedia will be an invaluable reference tool for students of Japanese and Asian Studies, as well as providing a fascinating insight into Japanese culture for the general reader. Suggestions for further reading, a comprehensive system of cross-referencing, a thematic contents list and an extensive index all help navigate the reader around the Encyclopedia and on to further study.

Analysis Of Infectious Disease Data

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Author: N.G. Becker
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351466690
Size: 56.13 MB
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Analysis Of Infectious Disease Data by N.G. Becker

Original Title: Analysis Of Infectious Disease Data

The analysis of infectious disease data requires separate attention because standard methods of statistical inference cannot be applied directly. The reasons for this are, that infectious disease data are highly dependent and, that the infection process is only partially observable. In this book these difficulties are overcome by making appropriate model assumptions, by incorporating into the analysis the known mechanism of disease spread by means of a model and thus obtaining a more efficient analysis as well as directing attention at epidemiologically meaningful parameters.

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