The Oubliette

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Author: Lady Soliloque
ISBN: 0615155480
Size: 11.14 MB
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The Oubliette by Lady Soliloque

Original Title: The Oubliette

'The Oubliette' is a gothic thriller; a fast paced and thrilling descent into the fine line between Knowledge and Insanity. In this special edition of Part I: Modus Operandi Bellum, the characters fight their way across a quantum chessboard, the chapter headings and character movement bearing out a famous chess match between Bobby Fischer and Borris Spasky, only to find that in 'The Oubliette' things, and people, are not always what they seem.


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Author: Vanta Black
ISBN: 9780996448826
Size: 15.48 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Oubliette by Vanta Black

Original Title: Oubliette

Veronica knows the monsters aren't "just in her head", but no one listens to the headstrong ten-year-old as they tie her to a hospital bed every night.Years later, after being dumped by her business-partner/boyfriend, Veronica finds herself on the verge of bankruptcy. Then a late-night call promises the perfect solution--a job opportunity decorating a castle in France. Will Veronica risk what little she has left to chase a fairy tale?When the shadowy things that once terrorized her return, Veronica must decide how much she'll sacrifice for them, for her sanity, and for her life.Oubliette--A Forgotten Little Place consists of interwoven stories with paranormal twists. The fates of past victims of the oubliette are revealed as our hero obliviously renovates a castle in France.This epic adventure spans nearly two millennia. You'll be transported to an ancient Pagan ritual, Roman-ruled Gaul, the bloody Inquisition of the Knights Templar, France as it's ravaged by the Black Death, the duplicitous Reformation, the Paris Catacombs, and the gory French Revolution, while you unravel Oubliette's cryptic layers.Vanta M. Black was inspired to write Oubliette after learning about the real oubliette at Leap Castle, the famed most-haunted castle in Ireland. She traveled there, as well as to châteaux in France, and to the Paris Underground, for research.Real paranormal accounts of elemental spirits, ghosts, sorcery and demons, plus actual historical events and legends, all feed into this masterfully-crafted narrative. Additionally, Black's own encounters with entities known as "shadow people", serve as the novel?s foundation. Oubliette delivers blow after blow of mystery, horror, and suspense. This thriller seeps into your soul and doesn't let go. In the end, as you're begging for mercy, you'll also be begging for more.

Oubliette Second Edition

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Author: Joseph Lee Bush
ISBN: 9781948614016
Size: 30.24 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Oubliette Second Edition by Joseph Lee Bush

Original Title: Oubliette Second Edition

Throughout the ages, the power of belief has waned for certain subjects. Forgotten, they disappear from our world. But where do they go? What do they do when they get there? Oubliette is the story of these forgotten beings and fell powers. Uncover a twisted world where all myths are true. Come to grips with immortality and eternity. Find something to fight for. Explore predatory libraries, man-eating forests, lakes of mercury, black-market magic markets, and eons of forgotten labyrinths. Transform from a serf to a dragon. Black & White Softcover version.

Ordo Lupus And The Temple Gate

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Author: Lazlo Ferran
Publisher: Lazlo Ferran
Size: 23.41 MB
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Ordo Lupus And The Temple Gate by Lazlo Ferran

Original Title: Ordo Lupus And The Temple Gate

Why is a notorious religious cult of assassins keeping him alive? *** Get 3 BOOKS FREE > *** Get Book 1, Vampire: Find my Grave FREE on Google Play. In this nail-biting, paranormal thriller, the hero's teenage daughter is taken in a blood-thirsty murder by a giant winged serpent; her body is left mysteriously shriveled and crushed. A former WWII MI6 agent, our anonymous hero is suspected of the crime by the police and his divorcing wife. With strange powers of foresight, he goes on the run to clear his name. He has only one friend, a historian and member of the modern Knights Hospitaller, but with this help, he embarks on a white-knuckle ride to salvation. In Paris, Georgina, smart, sexy witch servant of the mysterious Catholic assassin sect Concilium Putus Visum seduces him during his quest for the secret weapon of the Cathars. If he can solve a puzzling set of clues to find the weapon, he might kill the monster and save his marriage. But why do the assassins and the vampire snakes seem to be protecting him? Why is his grandfather's body no longer where it should be; in his grave? What supernatural secret about the family was the old man trying to reveal to him before he died? Lovers of Dan Brown's evocative mix of mystery and history will love this Occult Thriller - a dark and powerful, nerve-shredding tale, which deftly combines aspects of a crime thriller with those of the occult and historical. Categories: fiction, thriller, paranormal, occult & supernatural, suspense, werewolf, vampire, fun, psychic, racy. From the author: My own family's roots, uncovered gradually over ten years of concerted research, had led me to one Guillaume, a Chevalier (Knight) in 13th Century Languedoc, France. He was my earliest ancestor. Simultaneously, I had been pursuing a theological interest in the Cathars; first through reading a number of books by Henry Lincoln and later through an interest in Monségur and the Rennes-le-Château, near where the lost treasure of the Cathars is said to be hidden. The Cathars were an ancient sect who came to prominence and were ruthlessly persecuted by the Catholics in the 1300s, mainly in and around the Languedoc Region of France. Their beliefs were gradually imported from the Mediterranean via the Balkans and possibly originated in Paulian beliefs in post-Roman Istanbul (ancient Constantinople). They believed that the Christian god was really Rex Mundi, or 'God of Earth' and that he was an illusion created by dark forces, while the real God remains hidden somewhere outside Earth. I quite possibly sympathise with the Cathars because my later ancestors probably escaped the Catholic persecution of Huguenots when they came to England in the 1500s. These two areas of interest came together for me when I discovered that one of my ancestors was cast out by the Catholic Church and had been prosecuted for some unknown violation. This resulted in him having to pay the church an annual tithe of a man's weight in wheat. What his misdemeanour was, I cannot say but he was certainly very wealthy and his daughter married well so it must have been a personal crime against the Church. Was he a heretic or Cathar, even though officially they had all been killed in Monségur 200 years before? This question started me on my journey. A year before I started this work, I read both Dan Brown and Angels & Demons by Dan Brown. These books were certainly an influence on me. Like him, I have been fascinated for many years by the rumour or myth that Mary went to France and that Jesus had a descendant. Like Brown and many others, I speculate that the Cathars did in fact smuggle a great treasure out of Monségur castle, under the noses of the Royalist besiegers. I also speculate on what that treasure might be and how it might affect our lives if it were discovered in the modern age. I wanted deeper characterisation. I wanted to write something more than a mere fantasy. Some of my characters are world-weary but all have the tell-tale footprints of life all over them. Lastly, I wanted the gothic. The themes of blood, death, eroticism, sex and transcendence are all things that I desire in a good novel. My influences were Kate Bush, The Mission, Lord Byron, John Keats (The Eve of St. Agnes is a particularly favourite poem of mine) and, to some extent, Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Sex and death are the themes that everyone seems attracted to. As a consequence, I couldn't resist a climax to my novel that took place in one of the world's greatest Gothic masterpieces. But you will have to read the novel to find out where ... Grab your copy today!

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