Pawn In Frankincense

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Author: Dorothy Dunnett
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 030776236X
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Pawn In Frankincense by Dorothy Dunnett

Original Title: Pawn In Frankincense

In this fourth book in the legendary Lymond Chronicles, Francis Crawford of Lymond desperately searches the Ottoman empire for his kidnapped child. Somewhere within the bejeweled labyrinth of the Ottoman empire, a child is hidden. Now his father, Francis Crawford of Lymond, soldier of fortune and the exiled heir of Scottish nobility, is searching for him while ostensibly engaged on a mission to the Turkish Sultan. At stake is the political order of three continents, for Lymond's child is a pawn in a cutthroat game whose gambits include treason, enslavement, and murder. In that game's final move, which is played inside the harem of the Topkapi palace, Lymond will come face to face with his most implacable enemy and the dreadful ambiguities of his own nature. With a Foreword by the author.

Dorothy Dunnett S Lymond Chronicles

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Author: Scott Richardson
Publisher: University of Missouri Press
ISBN: 0826273580
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Dorothy Dunnett S Lymond Chronicles by Scott Richardson

Original Title: Dorothy Dunnett S Lymond Chronicles

Since the first installment of Dunnett’s series was published in 1961, Francis Crawford of Lymond, the swashbuckling protagonist of the stories, has been captivating his fellow characters and readers alike. Instead of approaching the books primarily as historical fiction, Richardson, an enthusiastic admirer of the series, unravels the complexities of the main character by exploring his psychology, positioning the books within the genre of espionage, and examining Dunnett’s strategy of using games in her writing. Richardson’s insight and passion for his subject will inspire fans to revisit Dunnett’s series.

The Lymond Poetry

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Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141901225
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The Lymond Poetry by

Original Title: The Lymond Poetry

A beautiful collection of Renaissance poetry, assembled by one of the world's finest historical novelists. Dorothy Dunnett died in November 2001. She left behind this anthology, chosen by her from the hundreds of poems which she used in her world-famous series of novels known as THE LYMOND CHRONICLES. It is a fascinating set of choices, featuring Thomas Wyatt, King James I, extracts from the Psalms, and even an anonymous poem called 'Monologue of a Drunkard' - as Dorothy herself writes, here in one volume is 'the poetry of love, of folk-humour and ballad, the songs of Persian poets and of the troubadours, translated where need be into English.'

Caprice And Rondo

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Author: Dorothy Dunnett
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 9780307762283
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Caprice And Rondo by Dorothy Dunnett

Original Title: Caprice And Rondo

With the bravura storytelling and pungent authenticity of detail she brought to her acclaimed Lymond Chronicles, Dorothy Dunnett, grande dame of the historical novel, presents The House of Niccolò series. The time is the 15th century, when intrepid merchants became the new knighthood of Europe. Among them, none is bolder or more cunning than Nicholas vander Poele of Bruges, the good-natured dyer's apprentice who schemes and swashbuckles his way to the helm of a mercantile empire. Winter 1474 finds Nicholas exiled in the frozen port of Danzig, Poland. His Machiavellian exploits in Scotland have cost him friends and family--not to mention countless riches. As the ice melts, temptations arise. Will he assist the Muslim Prince Uzum Hasan against the Turks? Will he lose himself among the secret, scented gardens of the Crimea in the arms of a close friend's bride? As Nicholas pursues his future, his estranged wife, Gelis, seeks the truth about his past, only to discover the secret identity of his latest comrade in arms--a tantalizing ghost from the past poised to deal him the crowning death blow. Shimmering with detail, alive with intrigue, Caprice and Rondo is Dorothy Dunnett's quicksilver evocation of a world where joy is fleeting, love is unexpected, and truth the rarest commodity of all. From the Trade Paperback edition.

More Book Lust

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Author: Nancy Pearl
Publisher: Sasquatch Books
ISBN: 1570616558
Size: 10.62 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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More Book Lust by Nancy Pearl

Original Title: More Book Lust

The response to Nancy Pearl’s surprise bestseller Book Lust was astounding: the Seattle librarian even became the model for the now-famous Librarian Action Figure. Readers everywhere welcomed Pearl’s encyclopedic but discerning filter on books worth reading, and her Rule of 50 (give a book 50 pages before deciding whether to continue; but readers over 50 must read the same number of pages as their age) became a standard MO.

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Author: Patricia Daniels Cornwell
Publisher: Nanmeebooks
ISBN: 9789747093605
Size: 75.81 MB
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by Patricia Daniels Cornwell

Original Title:

ฆาตกรรมต่อเนื่องเกิดขึ้นในไอร์แลนด์ ศพถูกตัดแขนตัดขาและตัดคอ เหลือเพียงลำตัว หลายปีต่อมา เหยื่อสังหารลักษณะเดียวกันโผล่ขึ้นมาอีกในริชมอนด์ เวอร์จอเนีย ทำให้เคย์ สการ์เพ็ตตาเชื่อว่า ฆาตกรในคดีดังกล่าวอาจเกี่ยวข้องกัน แต่สิ่งที่ทำให้เธอสับสนก็คือ ลำตัวศพที่พบมีผื่นแบบเดียวกับเชื้อไข้ทรพิษ โรคที่เชื่อว่าสาบสูญไปแล้วจากโลกมนุษย์เกิดขึ้นด้วย และเมื่อหญิงชราบนเกาะหนึ่งในเวอร์จิเนียเสียชีวิตโดยมีผื่นลักษณะเดียวกันเกิดขึ้นอีกราย เคย์เกรงว่า ทั้งสองคดีต้องมีความเกี่ยวพันกันแน่ ที่เลวร้ายยิ่งไปกว่า ไม่เพียงแต่เคย์จะได้สัมผัสเชื้อไวรัสแห่งความตายนั้นแล้ว ฆาตกรยังเยาะเย้ยเธอผ่านทางอินเทอร์เน็ตอีกด้วย

Best Books For Senior High Readers

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Author: John Thomas Gillespie
Publisher: Libraries Unltd Incorporated
Size: 30.29 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Best Books For Senior High Readers by John Thomas Gillespie

Original Title: Best Books For Senior High Readers

Briefly annotated citations of some 10,000 books, arranged by subject and indexed by author, title, and subject/grade level. The books, all in print as of 1990, received favorable notices in more than one review journal appearing between January 1985 and September 1990. Aimed at students in grades 10-12, this bibliography is the third in the Bowker trilogy, which includes Best books for children and ... for junior high readers.

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