Seriously I M Kidding

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Author: Ellen DeGeneres
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0446585033
Size: 39.68 MB
Format: PDF
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Seriously I M Kidding by Ellen DeGeneres

Original Title: Seriously I M Kidding

Ellen Degeneres' winning, upbeat candor has made her show one of the most popular, resilient and honored daytime shows on the air, and her life makes for great (and very funny) reading. "I've experienced a whole lot the last few years and I have a lot to share. So I hope that you'll take a moment to sit back, relax and enjoy the words I've put together for you in this book. I think you'll find I've left no stone unturned, no door unopened, no window unbroken, no rug unvacuumed, no ivories untickled. What I'm saying is, let us begin, shall we?" Seriously... I'm Kidding is a lively, hilarious, and often sweetly poignant look at the life of the much-loved entertainer as she opens up about her personal life, her talk show, and joining the judges table of American Idol.

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ISBN: 9786169004226
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Genius 2

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Author: Gene Geter
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595146260
Size: 38.50 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Genius 2 by Gene Geter

Original Title: Genius 2

In Gene Geter's poetic sequel, he explores through passionate words the world of being a celeb newcomer, the corruption of publicity/marketing and his romantic and enigmatic lyrics to model Shanaz of Karin Models (who later appeared au naturale on the cover of his humor book, Where's My T-shirt?). Geter's genius continues in Genius 2: Celebrity


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Author: Michael Pulman
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1466952172
Size: 52.50 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Headline by Michael Pulman

Original Title: Headline

Paul James is a man under the spotlight, often for all the wrong reasons. At age twenty-three, many people believe it's now time for the out-of-control Paul to grow up and kick his old party-boy ways which has given him the "ticking time bomb" stigma for so long. With all the potential in the world, Paul could find himself losing the one thing that got him to this point in the first place, the faith of his family, the respect of his friends, and most importantly . . . he could lose himself. One event will change the life of Paul James forever. With his dreams over and nothing to live for, the one thing that has criticised Paul for so long could turn into the one thing that will give him his big break and last opportunity to fulfill what the close people around him believe to be his destiny. However . . . There are more than a handful of people that wouldn't mind seeing Paul James fail in what will turn out to be one of the most controversial decisions New Zealand has ever seen.

Tinder Nightmares

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Author: Unspirational
Publisher: Abrams
ISBN: 1683351878
Size: 70.79 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Tinder Nightmares by Unspirational

Original Title: Tinder Nightmares

Tinder Nightmares is a hilarious look at some of the most epic fails of the often racy, always ridiculous, “romantic” exchanges on Tinder. The Instagram account of the same name has skyrocketed to popularity for its captivating—and sometimes titillating—ability to capture the real-life conversations between people who are looking to connect with that special someone. Tinder Nightmares is organized by theme, with chapters such as Bad English, Broetry, Strange Requests, Sneak Attacks, and more. This book explores everything from pickup lines to breakups, and all the moments that come in between. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who has ever suffered through online dating.

A Punch Line

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Author: I. M. Kidding
Publisher: Mirador Publishing
ISBN: 1908200014
Size: 44.90 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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A Punch Line by I. M. Kidding

Original Title: A Punch Line

Hello! This is Punch! Of course you know me. Everybody knows Mister Punch. I have performed more shows than you have eaten dinners. And people all over the world love me. I decided to write my biography. It tells you everything about me (well not exactly everything!). From my early assumed beginnings with the good old Romans and the better older Greeks to my triumphal stardom in England.Of course, there are many chapters in between. How about my real birth in Naples (filthy old place it was too). And then leaving my sons all over Italy (they made the Commedia dell "arte really funny). And then having grandsons who turned out to be wooden and puppetlike.And you wouldn "t want to miss my sojourn into France. After telling you about what "s going on there (historywise), I even talk about Moliere and Cyrano de Bergerac. And so it goes on. But don "t worry. This is NOT a history book only. It tells you about my thoughts on many subjects. People, governments, banks, etc., etc. But since I am Mister Punch, no one will take it the wrong way. After all, I "m only a puppet.

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Author: Daniel Silva
ISBN: 9789741010370
Size: 10.77 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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by Daniel Silva

Original Title:

เรื่องราวของการเกิดเหตุระเบิดสถานทูตอิสราเอลในกรุงโรม ซึ่งมีประเด็นโยงใยกับเหตุระเบิดร้ายแรงในอดีต จากการวิเคราะห์ข้อมูลที่มีอยู่ ส่อเค้าว่าจะเกิดเหตุระเบิดรุนแรงขึ้นอีก "เกเบรียล อัลลอน" จึงได้รับมอบหมายให้ตามล่าตัวคนร้าย ก่อนทุกอย่างจะสายเกินไป เขาจะทําอย่างไรเมื่อคนร้ายเปิดสงครามกับเขาโดยตรง? ติดตามพร้อมกันได้แล้วในเล่ม.

The Vaughan Chronicles Burning Blossom

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Author: Grayer Vaughan
Publisher: Vaughanland Ink
ISBN: 132097970X
Size: 34.54 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Vaughan Chronicles Burning Blossom by Grayer Vaughan

Original Title: The Vaughan Chronicles Burning Blossom

Burning Blossom is the second book in The Vaughan Chronicles series. It chronicles the second of seven lives of Magnolia Vaughan. We meet up with Magnolia again as she and Alexander Charles are locked into the darkness, forcing Alexander to become fully awoken and fully aware during this life as Bessie tries to break the bond between them. Bessie continues to become darker as her envy and wickedness begins to take hold of her, warming her blood within the deep purple fire causing her to change into her true Onca state as she continues to visit the lowest paralleled realm of purgatory, where Alexander sent Bessie's sister, Karent, when she tried to kill Magnolia in an earlier lifecycle. As Magnolia continues to surface, Alexander will be forced to protect her against the madman feigning for her hypnotizing essence and star-shined blood and keep her alive long enough to live within the expected balance as she fights him the entire way at every turn. Magnolia will also be forced to come to grips with her destined path as she tries to let go of Justus as she saves his life, and the enticing secrets she has been keeping from a very suspicious Alexander as he tries to find out the truth about Stagger, which will make him become unhinged. Kerrigan, Magnolia’s assistant will become her closest confidant as she begins to realize exactly who she is working for. As the Blossom try to protect the Queen, Alexander will begin to pressure her to commit further than she is willing to allow. Will the blossomed pair have what it takes to toe the line or will this madman’s insanity succeed at finally getting even? Their future gets threatened as the force may just be too much for them to endure as the Blossom begins to beckon and burn brighter than anticipated.

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