State Of Fear In A Liquid World

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Author: Carlo Bordoni
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1351981137
Size: 35.71 MB
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State Of Fear In A Liquid World by Carlo Bordoni

Original Title: State Of Fear In A Liquid World

This book examines the insecurity that besets our lives in the contemporary world, whether as a result of natural disasters, human negligence or, more recently, threats to security in the form of terrorist activity, which itself gives rise to new fears: fear of travel, agoraphobia, distrust of others and existential anxieties. Revealing the connection between the two components of our insecurity, as reflecting on and conditioning human existence, and producing social problems, the author brings this to bear on the notion of security that modernity had sought to guarantee to its citizens – a notion that has slowly crumbled with the crisis of modernity and with the emergence of the "liquid" world. Now insecurity is endemic and has so firmly become part of us as to be accepted as an unpleasant aspect of normality that we must live with. However, the necessity of living in a risk society in which security has emerged as important does nothing to dispel the fear that accompanies us at all times. An engagement with the thought of Bauman that explores fear as an accompaniment to the end of modernity and its assurances, State of Fear in a Liquid World offers developments of the thesis of liquid modernity and will appeal to scholars and students of sociology, social theory and politics with interests in individualisation, social change and (in)security.

A State Of Fear My 10 Years Inside Iran S Torture Jails

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Author: Dr Reza Ghaffari
Publisher: John Blake Publishing
ISBN: 1857827163
Size: 11.34 MB
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A State Of Fear My 10 Years Inside Iran S Torture Jails by Dr Reza Ghaffari

Original Title: A State Of Fear My 10 Years Inside Iran S Torture Jails

This is the book the Iranian authorities have been dreading you might one day read and have taken drastic measures to ensure that you don't. It is a story of such horrific brutality that anyone who was sceptical about claims that Iran is part of the 'axis of evil' will have that scepticism dispelled by the time they finish reading it. A real insight into the sickening torture jails of Iran and the gut-wrenching horror of the treatment dished out to political prisoners who oppose the regime, this does not make easy reading. Dr. Reza Ghaffari was a professor at the University of Tehran until his arrest in the spring of 1981, under suspicion of being a member of a banned socialist group. This is his story from the time of his arrest to his eventual escape a decade later. It recounts his experiences through ten years of torture and as a witness to, and near victim of, prison massacres. But the book is not merely a catalogue of atrocities. It is also one of triumph for integrity and the human spirit in the face of the utmost degradation. And there is comedy, as prisoners take firm hold of their sanity, entertain one another and come to terms with the absurd aspects of their predicament. Nothing like this book has ever been written. Nothing - in English or in Persian - has so comprehensively, so movingly or so colourfully portrayed prison conditions and the strength of those suffering them. It is horrific, enlightening and profound.The fatwa imposed by the then Supreme Leader of Iran against author Salman Rushdie for writing The Satanic Verses scared many publishers into refusing to print this book in English. In 1999 the Iranian authorities came looking for Dr. Ghaffari in London and he was moved to a 'safe house' by MI6 where he stayed for close to a year. After the attack on the World Trade Centre in New York the terrorist threat level in the UK was raised and Dr. Ghaffari was allowed back to his family with greater surveillance on his house. The years of torture have taken their toll on Dr. Ghaffari's health but he has refused to be cowed down and is as determined as ever that his story should be told.

People States Fear

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Author: Barry Buzan
Publisher: ECPR Press
ISBN: 0955248817
Size: 31.89 MB
Format: PDF
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People States Fear by Barry Buzan

Original Title: People States Fear

The second edition of this widely acclaimed book takes as its main theme the question of how states and societies pursue freedom from threat in an environment in which competitive relations are inescapable across the political, economic, military, societal and environmental landscapes. Throughout, attention is placed on the interplay of threats and vulnerabilities, the policy consequences of overemphasizing one or the other, and the existence of contradictions within and between ideas about security. Barry Buzan argues that the concept of security is a versatile, penetrating and useful way to approach the study of international relations. Security provides an analytical framework which stands between the extremes of power and peace, incorporates most of their insights and adds more of its own.

State Of Fear

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Author: Michael Crichton
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 9780061752728
Size: 79.91 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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State Of Fear by Michael Crichton

Original Title: State Of Fear

New York Times bestselling author Michael Crichton delivers another action-packed techo-thriller in State of Fear. When a group of eco-terrorists engage in a global conspiracy to generate weather-related natural disasters, its up to environmental lawyer Peter Evans and his team to uncover the subterfuge. From Tokyo to Los Angeles, from Antarctica to the Solomon Islands, Michael Crichton mixes cutting edge science and action-packed adventure, leading readers on an edge-of-your-seat ride while offering up a thought-provoking commentary on the issue of global warming. A deftly-crafted novel, in true Crichton style, State of Fear is an exciting, stunning tale that not only entertains and educates, but will make you think.

Society State And Fear Managing National Security At The Boundary Between Complacency And Panic

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Author: Keven G. Ruby
ISBN: 9781267472779
Size: 71.50 MB
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Society State And Fear Managing National Security At The Boundary Between Complacency And Panic by Keven G. Ruby

Original Title: Society State And Fear Managing National Security At The Boundary Between Complacency And Panic

Why do states sometimes treat the public's response to threats as itself a threat to national security? Even as the external threats facing the United States have changed over time – from the Soviet Union to "terrorists of global reach" – the threat to national security posed by a fearful public has remained a recurring worry occupying the attention of policymakers at the highest levels of government. While the literature in IR and security – realist, liberal, and constructivist – generally assumes the public's fear of a threat to be essential for state survival, fear is a double edged sword. Drawing on Hobbesian state theory, I argue that public fear will be treated by the state as a threat when the object and intensity of the public's fears does not align with the state's understanding of the threat environment. This enables a challenge from below to the state's national security priorities and policies, prompting state intervention. When the public does not sufficiently fear a threat the state intends to mobilize against, the state will counteract "complacency" with fearmongering. Conversely, when the public fears a threat that the state is either unwilling or unable to address directly, the state seeks to counteract "panic" through reassurance. Because both public complacency and panic undermine state autonomy, the state has a compelling interest in managing whether and how existential emergencies rise to the top of the public agenda. The dissertation investigates the role of public fear in the shaping of national security priorities and policies in two case studies, the Eisenhower administration's response to Sputnik and the Bush administration's response to the terrorist attacks of 9/11. The cases show that managing public fear – the public relations of security – is central to how state's conduct national security and a core logic of government.

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