The Antichrist

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Author: Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
Publisher: Booklassic
ISBN: 9635270933
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The Antichrist by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Original Title: The Antichrist

Friedrich Nietzsche's "The Antichrist" might be more aptly named "The Antichristian," for it is an unmitigated attack on Christianity that Nietzsche makes within the text instead of an exposition on evil or Satan as the title might suggest. In "The Antichrist," Nietzsche presents a highly controversial view of Christianity as a damaging influence upon western civilization that must come to an end. Regardless of ones religious or philosophical point of view, "The Antichrist" makes for an engaging philosophical discourse.

Conquering The Antichrist Spirit

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Author: Sandie Freed
Publisher: Chosen Books
ISBN: 0800794680
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Conquering The Antichrist Spirit by Sandie Freed

Original Title: Conquering The Antichrist Spirit

In this thorough, in-depth study, Sandie Freed identifies the demonic system and structures of the dark power that has believers confused, anxious, and lacking in authority: the antichrist spirit. Not a book on the identity of the endtimes Antichrist, this book exposes the demonic spirit that has been prevalent in society since the birth of Christianity and that will eventually animate the end-time ruler the Bible describes. With piercing insight and practical application, Freed helps readers identify and overcome the stronghold that is even now infiltrating thoughts and belief systems. Only then can we find freedome and healing to live the life God intends.

The Antichrist Legend

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Author: Wilhelm Bousset
Publisher: Ams PressInc
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The Antichrist Legend by Wilhelm Bousset

Original Title: The Antichrist Legend

Wilhelm Bousset (1865-1920) was one of the pioneers in the Religionsgeschichtliche Schule or "History of Religions School," which established the scientific and comparative study of Hellenistic Judaism and Early Christianity a century ago. The Antichrist Legend, first published in German in1895 and translated into English the following year, is perhaps Bousset's most remarkable book, both for its original argument about the connection of Antichrist to myths of the primordial dragon and for its vast knowledge of patristic and medieval literature. This welcome reissue of this classicwork features a helpful new Introduction by David Frankfurter.

On The Trail Of The Antichrist

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Author: Weldon P. Fritzel
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1606470922
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On The Trail Of The Antichrist by Weldon P. Fritzel

Original Title: On The Trail Of The Antichrist

ON THE TRAIL OF THE ANTI-CHRIST World War I opened the pandora's box of modern, sophisticated warfare. This only whetted the appetite of those who had profited by that experience. World War II was an adjunct to this and despite the invention of the atomic bomb, mankind has shown itself incapable of governing itself. The UN or the United Nations has been ineffective in its role also. The Apostle John probably had the answer to the World's woes when he wrote the Book of Revelation of the Bible. Many leading Christians and Pastors tell us we are very close to or are in the time spoken of by John. The author seeks to give his insight into these events. If little Gaza in Palestine draws so much attention by the EU and the world's leaders, surely an occasion know as Armageddon is a possibility and according to the Bible is a certainty. To refute this is to deny life. Weldon Fritzel was raised in a very conventional Christian family in Wisconsin. Christian principles were strictly adhered to. His Father and relatives played prominent parts during war production in World War II. The author served in the Army in Korea during that war. He later enlisted in the Air Force so is familiar with military life. A close relative mentioned in his teens that she had a vision of things in the Book of Revelation and this has always intrigued him. He has always tried to interpret modern events to scripture and this book is an attempt to do this.

The Antichrist

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Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
Publisher: Friederich Nietzsche
ISBN: 8892590200
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The Antichrist by Friedrich Nietzsche

Original Title: The Antichrist

The Antichrist (German: Der Antichrist) is a book by the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, originally published in 1895. Although it was written in 1888, its controversial content made Franz Overbeck and Heinrich Köselitz delay its publication, along with Ecce Homo. The German title can be translated into English as both "The Anti-Christ" and "The Anti-Christian".

The Antichrist

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Author: Randy White
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1615799206
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The Antichrist by Randy White

Original Title: The Antichrist

"The Antichrist" shares the compelling truth of a coming world-leader in economics, politics, and spirituality. The book takes a thoroughly Biblical approach while maintaining an easy-to-read style. Pastor, layman, and scholar will benefit from the clear truth about the Antichrist presented in these pages. "This is a riveting read!" -Morris Chapman, President and CEO, Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention "Randy White pulls back the curtain in hopes of helping us all recognize this world figure for who he is and for what he will do. Read it and reap." -O.S. Hawkins, President and CEO, Guidestone Financial Resources of the Southern Baptist Convetnion "Any pastor preaching or teaching on prophetic themes ought to read this book." -Paige Patterson, President, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Randy White is a Pastor with a passion for theology and the study of prophecy. He has a joy for learning and communicating the truth found in God's Word. Having graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div) and Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (D.Min), Dr. White faithfully presents a pretribulational premillennial perspective of the end times. He has been the Pastor of Southern Baptist churches in Texas since 1992.

The System Of Antichrist

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Author: Charles Upton
Publisher: Sophia Perennis
ISBN: 9780900588389
Size: 25.61 MB
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The System Of Antichrist by Charles Upton

Original Title: The System Of Antichrist

Investigates the present religious and cultural scene from the standpoint of traditional metaphysics and critiques the New Age spiritualities. Presents lore relating to the 'latter days' and the Antichrist from various religious traditions. Drawing on the writings of the leading perennialist thinkers Ren Gunon and Frithjof Schuon, sketches the particular quality of spirituality proper to apocalyptic times-both its dangers and the opportunities open to it.

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