The Divan Of Hafez

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Author: Ḥāfiẓ
Publisher: University Press of Amer
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The Divan Of Hafez by Ḥāfiẓ

Original Title: The Divan Of Hafez

Khaja Shamsuddin Mohammad Hafez (1327-1390 C.E.) was born in Shiraz, a city in Southwest Iran where he lived his entire life. The elegance, beauty, and delicacy of his poetry have made him the most beloved poet of the Persian-speaking world. Hafez composed the bulk of his poetry in the form of ghazal, a lyrical poem similar to an English sonnet whose length ranges from seven to thirteen couplets. Ghazals often deal with love and beauty and may occasionally be interspersed with philosophical, ethical, didactic, or critical lines about life and the universe. Reza Saberi has produced a new English translation of the complete Divan of Hafez, using Dr. Parviz N. Khanlari's Edition. The text of The Divan of Hafez is an authentic translation of all of the poems of Hafez complete with their Persian originals."

The Divan Of Hafiz

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Author: Hafiz
Publisher: The Floating Press
ISBN: 1775458237
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The Divan Of Hafiz by Hafiz

Original Title: The Divan Of Hafiz

Connoisseurs of world literature need to spend some time acquainting themselves with the Divan of Hafiz, one of the foremost collections of Persian verse. Scholars agree this volume has exerted a singularly important influence on Middle Eastern culture, akin to Shakespeare's role in the sphere of Western letters.

The Divan E Jamie

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Author: Andrew Winans
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1462891470
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The Divan E Jamie by Andrew Winans

Original Title: The Divan E Jamie

These are the spontaneous and continuous utterances of a lover, both in ecstasy and as he suffers. This is the opening of a special and personal world of love. It’s a chronicle and a testimony. Nothing here is phony. You will be appalled and you will be amazed, but this love continues to this day. These poems cover a relatively brief period (2 months) in the on-going history of this love. Drink these words like the wine they are. Open your mind and see afar. Love is waiting...

Poems From The Divan Of Hafiz

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Author: Gertrude Bell
Publisher: eStar Books
ISBN: 161210794X
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Poems From The Divan Of Hafiz by Gertrude Bell

Original Title: Poems From The Divan Of Hafiz

Hafiz is renowned as one of the most celebrated Persian poets. Living in the 14th Century, Hafiz was frequently persecuted for his disregard for the religious and political orthodoxy. People read different things into his poetry but he was unequivocal in his denunciation of religious rituals that were devoid of spiritual intensity. He also wrote extensively on the theme of love, both human and divine, alluding to the ecstasy of mystical union with the Divine. In depicting the intensity of love, Gertrude Bell thought Hafiz comparable to the West’s own Shakespeare. Gertrude Bell’s translation is considered to be one of the most lucid, musical and accurate of the verse translations.

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