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Author: Philip Warner
Publisher: Pen and Sword
ISBN: 1844153843
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Auchinleck by Philip Warner

Original Title: Auchinleck

Field Marshal Sir Claude Auchinleck was born in India and raised in conditions of near poverty. Yet his talent ensured his career flourished despite his Indian Army background and he was the first Commander of 8th Army in North Africa. Despite great political interference, he stopped Rommel's Afrika Corps at 1st Alamein only to be sacked by Churchill. After a spell in the wilderness he became C in C India during the dark period of Partition and, ironically, had to preside over the destruction of his beloved Indian Army. A private man of great humour and integrity he refused to be drawn into discussing or criticising his tormentors be they Churchill, Montgomery or Mountbatten. He always argued that history would be his judge. This is a super piece of military biography by one of the most respected post war military historians.

Gender Globalization And Violence

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Author: Sandra Ponzanesi
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136655581
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Gender Globalization And Violence by Sandra Ponzanesi

Original Title: Gender Globalization And Violence

This wide-ranging collection of essays elaborates on some of the most pressing issues in contemporary postcolonial society in their transition from conflict and contestation to dialogue and resolution. It explores from new angles questions of violent conflict, forced migration, trafficking and deportation, human rights, citizenship, transitional justice and cosmopolitanism. The volume focuses more specifically on the gendering of violence from a postcolonial perspective as it analyses unique cases that disrupt traditional visions of violence by including the history of empire and colony, and its legacies that continue to influence present-day configurations of gender, race, nationality, class and sexuality. Part One maps out the gendered and racialized contours of conflict zones, from war zones, prisons and refugee camps to peacekeeping missions and humanitarian aid, reframing the field and establishing connections between colonial legacies and postcolonial dynamics. Part Two explores how these conflict zones are played out not just outside but also within Europe, demonstrating that multicultural Europe is fraught with different legacies of violence and postcolonial melancholia. Part Three gives an idea of the kind of future that can be offered to post-conflict societies, defined as contact zones, by exploring opportunities for dialogue, restoration and reconciliation that can be envisaged from a gendered and postcolonial perspective through alternative feminist practices and the work of art and their redemptive power in mobilizing social change or increasing national healing processes. Though strongly anchored in postcolonial critique, the chapters draw from a range of traditions and expertise, including conflict studies, gender theory, visual studies, (new) media theory, sociology, race theory, international security studies and religion studies.

Love And The Loveless

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Author: Henry Williamson
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 0571309992
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Love And The Loveless by Henry Williamson

Original Title: Love And The Loveless

Love and the Loveless (1958) was the seventh entry in Henry Williamson's fifteen-volume A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight spanning the years from the late Victorian period to the Second World War. The year covered by this novel, 1917, was perhaps the darkest of the Great War, with widespread mutinies in the French Army after the disastrous Nivelle offensive. Phillip Maddison is now a young transport officer, tending pack animals, surviving amid devastation and death. His courage, sustained by poetry, by comradeship, by the comfort of whisky and water, is perhaps unnatural; but amid the charnel house of battle he endures, in a way of life so alien to those at home that it might be the dark side of the moon. 'Williamson's style is romantic, though rarely sentimental, and his sensuous response to nature is fresh and surprising.' Anthony Burgess, Ninety-Nine Novels: The Best in English since 1939

The Forgotten Battalion

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Author: Bill Edmonds
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1450202950
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The Forgotten Battalion by Bill Edmonds

Original Title: The Forgotten Battalion

At the induction center brave men fainted at the sight of doctors in white coats armed with needles. We were dumped into a Texas inferno where salesmen, clerks and teachers were transformed into ferocious fighting men, none so fierce however as the cooks who waved their butcher knives and screamed at defenseless K P s. Later we tasted the real hazards of war at an advanced infantry training camp: bullets, grenades, bazookas and forced marches in pouring rains, risking pneumonia in a winter wasteland of mud and slush. In spite of these harsh conditions I won a quarter mile race and was rewarded with a beautiful brunette. Soon we were off, not to Europe or the Pacific but to Arkansas to form a new battalion of Combat Engineers and train for a suicide mission: To slow the advance of charging Panzers. One trainees, on guard duty, managed to slow the advance of a milk truck. We adopted a Little Rock bar as our own and later cloned it in England, France, and Germany. When we finally embarked for overseas we were so tough only one man became seasick on the Staten Island Ferry. Our health was checked as we ran past examining doctors to board a ship. Off to England we went, where some men soon learned about the unique sex habits of the kind of English women who welcome foreign soldiers into their arms. On to France, aboard a truly sickening Landing Ship for Tanks. I witnessed the Battle of the Bulge from a safe distance of fifty miles, while guarding a dark intersection in Picardy. I was apprehended by a trigger happy M P who thought I was a Nazi spy. There were no charging Panzers after that and we sulked in dull unemployment. All this time we hated Warrant Officer Spode but, strangely, no one ever shot him. I encountered a charming angel in a drab mining town who taught me to love France. We crossed the Rhine in triumph, actually in the back of a truck, and soon I almost got shot in the men’s room of a German restaurant. Joe was the shooter’s name, and screwing up was his game. And finally the big wreaker driver, Bubba, discovered that a French woman can give birth to a big, beautiful, baby only six months after the affaire. The dupe actually handed out cigars, but abandoned his potential war bride to return, with his stolen French dog, to Coon Hollow and his remarkable mule. (Lucky for Her!)

Island Girl

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Author: June Byrd Bowen
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1477154930
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Island Girl by June Byrd Bowen

Original Title: Island Girl

I am not a writer but I am a story teller with a tale to tell. This novel is based, to some extent, on things that happened during my years on and around Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina. This story is about a mother, her husband and three children who lived on Sullivan’s island near Fort Moultrie during World War II and several decades after the war. It includes living through hurricanes, eating what the ocean had to offer, enjoying the beach and the friends and relatives who affected their lives. In the middle of all this is another story.....a love story between the mother and a soldier, whom she introduces to her family, even to her husband as a friend. The surprise ending brings to the reader an interesting conclusion. Remember this is not a true story but one that could have happened. I was born on Sullivan’s Island over 80 years ago. I grew up there and lived through most of the events from which my imagination took over and built this story. Since being married almost 60 years to my husband Bill, the love of my life, we have traveled to all fi fty states, parts of Europe, South America, Canada and cruised all over the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. In addition to our traveling we enjoy duplicate bridge, reading, senior activities at our church and writing. Writing has always been my passion but this is my fi rst attempt at writing a novel. I just love what I’ve done and have another in the back of my mind. We have three daughters and seven grandchildren and currently live in the clay hills of Chapin, South Carolina but I just cannot get the beach sand from between my toes.

The Good Soldier On Trial

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Author: Stjepan Gabriel Meštrović
Publisher: Algora Publishing
ISBN: 0875867413
Size: 64.96 MB
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The Good Soldier On Trial by Stjepan Gabriel Meštrović

Original Title: The Good Soldier On Trial

An expert witness in legal cases involving rules of engagement and the US military murder of prisoners, Prof. Mestrovic exposes profound contradictions and systemic flaws that confuse criminal brutality and heroism, making victims of soldiers like Sergeant Michael Leahy who won a purple heart but also was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2009.

For The Most Part

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Author: Ron Jordan
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 1440187584
Size: 10.32 MB
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For The Most Part by Ron Jordan

Original Title: For The Most Part

Spinning yarns and storytelling has been a way of life for many folks living in the American West. Here is a returning author whose stories will captivate and remain with you for many years to come. Ron Jordan knows the western life up close and personal, living it on a daily basis. His stories and point-of-view are unlike anything you've read before. Down-to-earth honesty with the diplomacy of a stampede, this author writes it like he sees it.

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