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Author: Plato
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Symposium by Plato

Original Title: Symposium

OF all the works of Plato the Symposium is the most perfect in form, and may be truly thought to contain more than any commentator has ever dreamed of; or, as Goethe said of one of his own writings, more than the author himself knew. For in philosophy as in prophecy glimpses of the future may often be conveyed in words which could hardly have been understood or interpreted at the time when they were uttered (cp. Symp. 210 foll., 223 D)—which were wiser than the writer of them meant, and could not have been explained by him if he had been interrogated about them. Aeterna Press

The Symposium Of Plato

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Author: Plato
Publisher: Univ of Massachusetts Press
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The Symposium Of Plato by Plato

Original Title: The Symposium Of Plato

This new translation of Plato's dialogue on love avoids the cumbersome locutions of Victorian versions and presents Plato's ancient drinking party in a vigorous contemporary idiom. The character of Socrates emerges with unexpected with and humor, adding new dimensions to his familiar irony.

The Symposium And Komos In Aristophanes

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Author: Babette Pütz
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The Symposium And Komos In Aristophanes by Babette Pütz

Original Title: The Symposium And Komos In Aristophanes

Feasting, wine, revellers and dancing girls; the modern image of ancient Greek symposia is an enduring one. Many symposia were more formal affairs; drinking-parties after which a komos, or procession of revellers often took place, with much protocol involved. Many accounts survive in ancient literature, as well as depictions on vase paintings. There has been a considerable amount of modern research on the symposium, especially on its archaeological evidence. However, the komos has not received as much attention, and the connection of either celebration with comedy has not been studied to any great extent. This book looks at the symposium and komos in Aristophanes and the comic fragments from two angles, considering the use of these forms to celebration to help shape a play's plot or to depict characters, and discussing the information found in comedy on some practical sympotic matters. The context of relevant scenes, the activities shown, their humour, and the social status of their characters are also explored. This second edition has been revised to take account of new research. All the Greek and Latin is translated or paraphrased to make the book more accessible for students of Aristophanes who do not read these languages.

The Symposium And The Phaedrus

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Author: Plato
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791416174
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The Symposium And The Phaedrus by Plato

Original Title: The Symposium And The Phaedrus

The Symposium and the Phaedrus are combined here because of their shared theme: a reflection on the nature of erotic love, the love that begins with sexual desire but can transcend that origin and reach even the heights of religious ecstasy. This reflection is carried out explicitly in the speeches and conversations in the dialogues, and implicitly in the dramatic depiction of actions and characters. Thus, the two dialogues deal with a theme of enduring interest and are interesting for both their literary and their philosophical character. In addition to the introduction, the book contains substantial commentaries and thorough endnotes. Key Greek terms are discussed for readers who are unfamiliar with the language. A special feature is a discussion on the importance of the dramatic and literary aspects of the dialogues for interpreting their philosophical content. The introductions deal with the nature of the dialogues themselves as philosophical texts and with Plato s philosophical assumptions and key concepts, as well as with the necessary background of Athenian society. The endnotes clarify any ambiguities and obscurities in the original text, identifying all references to people, places, gods, et cetera. The commentaries are designed to open up the dialogues for the reader, showing the issues that have been debated by commentators and considering some of the responses to them. They are designed to stimulate further reflection."

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