While We Were Sleeping

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Author: David Hemenway
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520943407
Size: 40.48 MB
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While We Were Sleeping by David Hemenway

Original Title: While We Were Sleeping

Public health has made our lives safer—but it often works behind the scenes, without our knowledge, that is, "while we are sleeping." This book powerfully illuminates how public health works with more than sixty success stories drawn from the area of injury and violence prevention. It also profiles dozens of individuals who have made important contributions to safety and health in a range of social arenas. Highlighting examples from the United States as well as from other countries, While We Were Sleeping will inform a wide audience of readers about what public health actually does and at the same time inspire a new generation to make the world a safer place.

Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping

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Author: Friend of Medjugorje
Publisher: Caritas of Birmingham
ISBN: 9781878909091
Size: 67.95 MB
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Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping by Friend of Medjugorje

Original Title: Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping

After the French and Indian War (1763), the King of England disallowed an act made by the Colony of Virginia's assembly. In a lawsuit, a young lawyer by the name of Patrick Henry declared that the king was a tyrant and that by the act of disallowance, the king forfeited his right to have the colonists remain obedient to him. If the beginning steps that led to the formation of our nation started from such actions, which by comparison to our situation today, was much less grievous, how much more justified would citizens be in taking similar actions in our present situation? Patrick Henry's statement called for disallowing the legitimacy of the king to govern over them. What legitimacy, therefore, should we consider our government today to have that allows the formation of laws, which disallows natural law? Laws that take from citizens their private property, permit abortion and accept unnatural lifestyles. Laws against natural law are laws without legitimacy. We must ask the question, has the present system of electing and governing betrayed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution? If it has, then are we not being led to the same conclusion as Patrick Henry????????????that the ruling government over us has made itself illegitimate? Has the present form of government hi-jacked our legitimate Declaration and Constitutional, Republic form of government? If we answer yes, then how will we respond? Will we follow the witness of our Forefathers who recognized that the king had forfeited the right to govern and therefore, forfeited the right to have the people remain obedient to him? Has the present form of government, which is acting against our republic and the will of the peopleit is suppose to represent, forfeited the right to govern? At what point do the words declared in the Declaration, "It is their right, it is their duty to throw off such government and provide new guards for their future security" play in against the present form of government? The present form of governing is not fulfilling the dreams our Forefathers had. We are called to fulfill those dreams. The time is ripe. The time is now.

While They Were Sleeping

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Author: Anne Arkins
Publisher: FamilyLife
ISBN: 9781572296145
Size: 34.78 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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While They Were Sleeping by Anne Arkins

Original Title: While They Were Sleeping

It's true, you can teach and model godly values, encourage wise choices, and set guidelines for your child, among other nurturing essentials. But did you know that one of the greatest ways to impact your child's life is ... by praying for him. This book can be a valuable tool in helping you to pray specifically and systematically for your child. While They Were Sleeping is a prayer guide designed to help moms pray for 12 character traits to be built into a child's life. Fun, practical activities help you connect with your child while teaching him about the character qualities for which you have prayed. Learn how to move, shape and fashion your child's heart through prayer, and prepare him for a lifetime of faithful living. Book jacket.

While The Gods Were Sleeping

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Author: Erwin Mortier
Publisher: Pushkin Press
ISBN: 178227085X
Size: 56.33 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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While The Gods Were Sleeping by Erwin Mortier

Original Title: While The Gods Were Sleeping

While the Gods Were Sleeping is a novel about the magnitude and impact of the First World War, the recollections of which are recorded in the notebooks of the elderly Helena. The young Helena is sent to her uncle’s country house before the war, and from here she witnesses scenes of indescribable horror. But it is also where she meets Matthew again, a British Army photographer who she goes on to marry. This is a story not about spectacular events; rather, Mortier is concerned with writing about war, history and the past with great empathy and engagement, and with a mixture of melancholy, qualification and resignation.

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